‘Firefighter Fighters’ Shin Dong-gook and Han Sang-kwon put out the flames of the Road FC Global Tournament crisis

“Firefighter Fighters” Shin Dong-guk (42, Chungju Road Gym) and Han Sang-kwon (27, Kim Dae-hwan MMA) put out the flames of a tournament crisis.먹튀검증

On June 9, a video about Park’s injury, tournament seeding, and more was released on “Gaohyeong Life,” the personal YouTube channel of Road FC Chairman Jung Moon-hong.

Road FC will host the Wonju MMA Sports Festival with the Korea Fight Sports Organization (KFSO) for two days from June 24 to 25 at the Wonju General Gymnasium. On the first day, the professional tournament, ROAD FC 064 Gupne, will be held, and on the second day, the amateur tournament, Martial Arts Festival, will be held.

On the first day, Gupne ROAD FC 064 will feature two tournaments in the bantamweight (-63kg) and lightweight (-70kg) divisions with quarterfinal rounds. This will determine who will advance to the quarterfinals in Anyang in August.

With the withdrawal of “ROAD FC’s youngest ever champion” Park Si Won (21, DYAMMA) from the tournament due to injury, one seeding spot in the lightweight division has become vacant.

With ROAD FC 064 in Gwynne just two weeks away, this could disrupt the tournament. However, Han Sang-kwon, who was scheduled to compete in the reserve bout, stepped in to fill the vacant spot, and the tournament bracket was reorganized. Park’s opponent, Max The Body (39, BRAVE GYM), the world’s No. 1 Strawweight, will face Han in the quarterfinals of the lightweight tournament.

“I think the only thing that has changed is my opponent,” he said, “and that’s good. I like to say that opportunity comes to those who are prepared, and since that spot was once Park Si-won’s, I will prepare perfectly to make sure that spot becomes someone else’s,” said Han Sang-kwon about his seeding.

The lightweight reserve bout was scheduled to feature Han Sang-kwon and Yeo Je-woo (32, Strong), but with Han Sang-kwon earning the seeding, Shin Dong-guk was confirmed as Yeo’s opponent.

Since joining the reserve match, Shin Dong-guk has been on fire, making every match a pleasure to watch. Shin Dong-guk, who participated in the “Physical 100” and showed off his physical prowess, has been a force to be reckoned with with his strong determination and fierce strikes.

Chairman Jung Moon-hong asked him, “When you were offered the match (two weeks ago), did you feel embarrassed or didn’t want to play?”

“Absolutely not,” said Shin Dong-guk, “I thought I was going to miss this game, but I think it was a godsend to be included.”

A reserve match is a match to select a player to replace a player who is injured or unable to play. It’s one of the things that adds to the excitement of a tournament with so many different situations.

Tickets for Gupne Road FC 064 are on sale at Interpark Ticket for 80,000 won for general seats on the second floor, 1 million won for VIP seats around the cage on the first floor, and 3 million won for VVIP seats. The tournament quarterfinals will be held in Anyang in August. / Source.