Finding a successor to Bento, standards-procedures are all good… What I’m worried about is speed

Michael Muller, head of the Korea Football Association (KFA) National Team Strengthening Committee, may have to fight against time.

Chairman Muller held a senior press conference at the Soccer Hall located in Sinmun-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul at 2:00 pm on the 11th. At this meeting, Chairman Müller openly mentioned the standards and procedures for appointing directors and future plans.

The first thing Chairman Müller emphasized on the first starting line was the standard. Chairman Müller said five criteria. The selection criteria he revealed were a total of five factors: expertise, experience, motivation, teamwork, and environmental factors. The environmental factor here was how well Chairman Müller, KFA, and the new manager could meet the conditions. Factors such as whether the new command tower can live in Korea like coach Bento are also included in environmental factors.

Next came the importance of procedures. He emphasized, “The communication process will not be open to the public, but above all, we are conducting a logical and comprehensive appointment process.” Chairman Müller said that he would conduct an interview after initially setting up a group of candidates. He said that after the interview evaluation, he will select the final candidates and set up the negotiation table himself. 먹튀검증

The direction that Chairman Müller brought out was largely the same as that of former Chairman Kim Pan-gon, who brought coach Paulo Bento. It can be seen that he implied his will to bring in the ‘right’ director through clear standards and transparent procedures.

Everyone agrees on how important standards and procedures are, but the concern is the speed of appointment. When the KFA announced the appointment of Chairman Muller, it said, “We plan to discuss the 1st supervisor candidates prepared under the former Chairman Lee Yong-soo at the newly formed Power Reinforcement Committee,” but Chairman Muller had a different idea.

He made it clear that he would start all over again. Starting from a blank slate means that you have to find the first candidate group again. There is not much time left until the A-match in March, when the new coach will make his debut. He should finalize senior work by at least the end of February. There are only about 6 weeks left. There isn’t enough time to find new director candidates, conduct interviews, go on-site, negotiate, and stamp paperwork.

Of course, “It’s always difficult to predict a specific date in the soccer business. It’s important to go in the right direction. Rather than proceeding unconditionally quickly, it should be possible to appoint a manager according to the procedure.” This is because the Qatar World Cup proved how important it is to go right rather than going fast.

Still, it is absurd to play an A match without a coach. There is not much time left until the 2023 Asian Cup. Due to the nature of the national team, which has no choice but to gather once every month or two, every game is precious. There are no games that can be skipped. The appointment must be completed as soon as possible so that the new manager, the new players to be selected, and the people watching it can find a sense of stability.