‘February salary is also delayed’ Carrot… Sale negotiations in less than a year

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Carrot, a new professional basketball team, failed to pay wages on time for two months in a row this year.

There are concerns that the club’s financial problems will lead to a league collapse.

This is reporter Son Jang-hoon.

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Following last January, Carrot was 안전놀이터unable to deliver this month’s salary, which should have been paid three days ago, on time.

Due to the deteriorating management of the parent company, Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering & Construction, it is also unclear how to pay the 2nd KBL subscription fee of 1 billion won by the end of next month.

[Kim Seong-heon/Carrot Secretary General]
“We have a plan to pay the players’ wages by Friday the 10th. We will do our best to finish the season well by managing the team well.”

At the end of last year, with the sale of the club already under way, if the ongoing sale negotiations with one of the current companies are completed, the urgent fire can be extinguished immediately, but if it does not flare up, significant ramifications are expected.

KBL is also considering the worst situation in which Carrot, who is currently in 5th place, can’t pay the subscription fee even after advancing to the playoffs, leaving the league.

[Lee Soo-jin/KBL Public Relations Team Leader]
“KBL is monitoring the situation, including Carrot’s wage delay and whether to pay the second subscription fee, and is reviewing it from various angles.”

Day One Sports, which had a question mark on its ability to manage the club from the time it took over Orion last year.

In the end, it was inevitable to be criticized for being irresponsible as it was sold without completing a season.

This is Son Jang-hoon from MBC News.