‘Fairytale’ Leicester driven to the edge of a cliff-‘Leeds days’ Leeds… a desperate fight for survival

 It’s as good as competing for championships. The survival competition to survive in the English Premier League (EPL) is getting closer.

17 out of 20 teams메이저사이트 will be able to play on the EPL stage next season as well. The bottom three teams must swap places with the Championship (second division) team. Due to the huge difference in broadcasting rights fees and sponsors, it is necessary to survive in the EPL.

With most of the teams remaining with three games left, it is up to Wolverhampton Wanderers (40 points) in 13th place who have confirmed their retention. From 14th place Bournemouth (39 points), we cannot be relieved. While 20th place Southampton (24 points) is one step behind, 16th place Nottingham Forest (33 points), 17th place Everton (32 points), 18th place Leicester City (30 points), and 19th place Leeds United (30 points) are one game away. Depending on the outcome, fate can be reversed.

In fact, through the last round, the rankings of the four teams changed. First, Leeds lost 1-2 to Manchester City on the 6th (hereinafter Korean time). To survive, they did not back down even in front of the top team, but it was not enough. Leeds fell into a draw (1 draw, 5 losses) in 6 games in a row, including 2 losses in a row.

The situation of Leicester, who won the 2015-16 season by writing ‘Leicester fairy tale’, is also not good. They lost 3-5 away from Fulham on the 8th. The mass loss was painful. First, he lost 4 runs and was greatly drawn. A three-goal chase was held, but time was running out. Leicester also increased their winless streak to 3 games (2 draws and 1 loss).

On the other hand, Nottingham and Everton won the valuable three points. Nottingham covered Southampton and a 6-point game at home. They won 4-3 after a 7-goal slugfest. Nottingham, who had no wins in 11 games with 3 draws and 8 losses, showed potential by winning 2 wins in only the last 3 games.

Everton boasted hot firepower in a survival crisis. He scored five goals in a 5-1 win over Brighton & Hove Albion. Everton took a step towards survival by breaking the 7-game winless tie (4 draws and 3 losses).

Even in the remaining schedule, Everton has a slight advantage. Everton meet Man City, Wolverhampton and Bournemouth in turn. Excluding first place Man City, it is an opponent who can aim for victory.

Matching the other three teams is not easy. Nottingham face Chelsea, Arsenal and Palace. Leicester will face Liverpool, Newcastle and West Ham, and Leeds will face Newcastle, West Ham and Tottenham. There are many opponents who are aiming for championship competition or advance to European club competitions.

As such, a win in the remaining schedule is likely to be worth more than 3 points. In a situation where they ran 35 games, their survival fate depended on the next 3 games.

<Future schedule>

16th Nottingham (33 points) – Chelsea, Arsenal, Palace

17th Everton (32 points) – Man City, Wolverhampton, Bournemouth

18th Leicester (30 points) – Liverpool, Newcastle, West Ham

19th Leeds (points) 30) – Newcastle, West Ham, Tottenham