‘Face to face with Myung Hyun-man’ Kwon Ah-sol, “I pretend to be nice… I’m out of my mind”

 Myung Hyeon-man (38) and Kwon Ah-sol (37, FREE) expressed their honest feelings before the confrontation.

Myung Hyeon-man and Kwon Ah-sol, who are famous for their ‘enemy’, revealed their honest thoughts about each other at a special match press conference for ‘Hwang In-soo VS Myung Hyeon-man vs Kwon Ah-sol’ held at Gallery K Seoul Tower at 2:00 pm on the 30th.

Kwon Ah-sol and Myeong Hyeon-man will face each other at the Wonju Road FC official gym on the 31st, and Hwang In-su and Myeong Hyeon-man will face each other at the Goyang Gymnasium on February 25. Kwon Ah-sol and Myung Hyun-man conduct sparring ‘close to a match’. 2 rounds of 3 minutes, no overtime. It is conducted according to MMA rules.

Kwon Ah-sol lived with Myung Hyun-man at Road FC Apgujeong Gym in the past. He belonged to the same team called ‘Team Korea’. Kwon Ah-sol’s diss started after his teammate Myeong-hyeon left the team for personal reasons, quit MMA and moved on to stand-up martial arts.

Kwon A-sol has ‘dissed’ that only Myeong-hyun is doing ‘true education’ through sparring with ordinary people on his personal YouTube channel. As high-level criticism continued while mentioning the confrontation with Myung Hyun-man, Myung-hyun Man also warned Kwon Ah-sol several times through a video.

The argument between the two has been going on for over a year, and recently the relationship between the two players was highlighted in the SBS program ‘Hell’s Court in Wonderland’. Kwon Ah-sol still pointed out Myung-hyun’s unique sparring content, and Myung-hyun-man insisted that it was legitimate content.Finally, these two collided.

Myung Hyun-man said, “I roasted and roasted it for about two years. I was cursed at a lot. It’s the first time in my life. At the same time, I was very angry and embarrassed. .In ‘Court of Hell’, we couldn’t talk much with each other. We sparred close to a match, and it was a burden.”

Next, Myung Hyeon-man said, “I want to talk about it coolly. There is also a medium called YouTube. I want to coolly solve Kwon Ah-sol’s inner thoughts. Before that, I will coolly stick with him. It will be cool inside.”

Kwon Ah-sol said, “I did it through broadcasting. To be honest, SBS broadcasting is garbage. I intentionally sent out the broadcast to have me play the villain. The part I said in my favor was edited. I was annoyed. ‘As expected, broadcasting is garbage’ wanted,” he said.

Kwon Ah-sol said, “The story I told Hyun-man hyung-nim is the story of the Apgujeong guarantee and the story that I asked the CEO to pay for the nursing expenses when Hyun-man-hyung’s father was sick. I begged you,” he said. 스포츠토토

Next, Kwon Ah-sol explained, “I hated Myeong Hyun-man because of these human emotions. I was annoyed that he edited this part and intentionally turned me into a ‘bad guy’.”

Upon hearing Kwon Ah-sol’s story, Myung Hyeon-man said, “This is the content that was included during the filming of ‘Court of Hell.’ I did some reflection. It was edited. Kwon Ah-sol also became trash. On the other hand, sparring is also a position where I have to train myself, and there are fans who want to see me hit. It’s a burden. If it’s MMA rules, I’m dangerous. Work hard. must do,” he said.

Myung Hyeon-man explained the reason for the MMA rule. He said, “I’m in a high weight class. I have a difference of more than 20kg. I’ve played MMA a few times. I wanted boxing rules, but I had to think about the difference in weight class, and I wanted to show the story of Kwon Ah-sol saying, ‘Only Myunghyun can’t do MMA.’ There are also,” he replied.

Kwon Ah-sol said, “I don’t know why Myeong Hyun-man and Hwang In-soo are ‘pretending to be nice’ before the match. When it comes to boxing, you can hear the words, ‘Only Myunghyun took care of me’.”

At the same time, Kwon Ah-sol added, “The difference in weight class is scary. If I get hit by one, I’ll go. Myung-hyeon isn’t the only player who doesn’t know the power of a fighter. I can’t show myself when I’m boxing or kickboxing.”

Kwon Ah-sol added what he pointed out in ‘Court of Hell’. He said, “It seems that Hyun-man Myeong still hasn’t come to his senses. I have nothing to say. I don’t have anything to say because he did something wrong to the fans, but I think Hyun-man Myung’s fault is obvious. I’m sorry if there is anyone,” he said.

After Myung Hyun-man faced Kwon Ah-sol on the 31st, he will face Hwang In-soo again on February 25th. In response, Myung Hyun-man said, “Hwang In-soo prepared for a long time. He made a difficult decision. said.