‘Exhibition home run first place & OPS 1.146 → season batting average .137’  

Lee Seong-gyu (Samsung), who was the home run king of the Futures, hit the final blow as a pinch hitter. 

Lee Seong-gyu 메이저사이트took the place of Kim Seong-yoon at bat with two outs and first and second bases in the 8th inning in an away game against KT held at Suwon KT Wiz Park on the 29th, 2-2.

After a full count with second pitcher Son Dong-hyun, he pushed the 6th fastball (143 km) and connected it with a heavy hit. Second base runner Jae-Hyun Lee is home. Samsung, who seized the chance to win, activated the Pilseungjo and kept the victory by one point. 

Lee Seong-gyu showed off a fierce sense of hitting with a batting average of 30 3 (12 hits in 36 bats), 5 homers, 11 RBIs, 7 runs, and an OPS of 1.146 in the demonstration game. 

Manager Park Jin-man said, “Now is the time to increase (your skills). Now that you have gained some experience, it is time to be confident in your baseball. I prepared hard during the camp.”

He also said, “Until now, I had timid swings because I lacked the ability to handle breaking balls, but now I swing confidently. My confidence at bat has definitely improved. 

He received high expectations, such as starting the regular season opener against NC on the 1st, but had a batting average of 10.3 and 7 (7 hits in 51 at-bats), 2 RBIs and 6 points before the match.

As his sluggishness continued, his starting opportunities gradually decreased. However, he gave the team a valuable victory with a decisive hit at a crucial moment. 

Lee Seong-gyu said, “It feels so good to feel like I’ve been helping the team after a long time. Before I went to bat, (Kim) Ji-chan told me to hit with confidence, so I went to bat with the thought of ‘Let’s hit with confidence’. Luckily, I lost a pitch. I think I came and got good results. I will show you a better image in the future.” 

Attention is focusing on whether Lee Seong-gyu, who was suffering from poor 10%, will make a final stroke and prepare an opportunity to escape from sluggishness.