Exasperation at the cool home run, embarrassing mistakes… a rocking ballpark.

Following yesterday when more than 100,000 fans visited the baseball stadium, Incheon and Jamsil Stadium were full of spectators today (2nd). The cool home run and sensible run-on play evoked admiration, but there was also a sense of regret at the absurd mistake.

This is reporter Oh Seon-min of professional baseball news.메이저사이트


NC, who was leading by one point, had a safe third base chance in the top of the second inning.

The ball hit by Park Seok-min flies past the third baseman’s height.

It was a hit that brought the runner on third base home with ease…

Park Seok-min couldn’t help but laugh.

He was out after running greedily to second base, but shyly added an out count even after hitting the right time.

At the beginning of the 3rd inning, Samsung gave a chance to safely load the bases with a momentary sign miss.

In the process of handling Son A-seop’s missed ball, pitcher Suarez and catcher Kang Min-ho delayed the ball to each other and it became an infield hit.

[Game relay (MBC Sports+): The pitcher and catcher’s signatures did not match. The batted ball itself was a bit strange.]

Samsung, which was trailing by 5 points until the 3rd inning, scored 7 points in the middle of the game and defeated NC 8-6.

In the bottom of the second inning, both teams traded one point each.

In the situation of 1 company 1st and 2nd base, Kia pitcher Eui-ri Lee’s check ball falls behind.

[Game relay (SBS Sports): I think I was mistaken for a beast coming in.]

A ridiculous throwing mistake ended up advancing two runners in scoring position one base at a time.

In SSG, defensive mistakes overlapped.

At the beginning of the 4th inning, Kim Ho-ryeong put a sacrifice bunt on 1st and 2nd base, but SSG pitcher McCarty missed the timing as he could not catch the ball at once.

I glanced at third base and eventually threw to first base, but it was not enough to get out.

In Han Seung-taek’s at-bat that followed, McCarty caught a ground ball in front of the pitcher and threw the runner out on third base, but catcher Kim Min-sik also missed the ball in his glove and blew a double play opportunity right in front of his eyes.

In the end, SSG, which only scored 6 points in the beginning of the 4th inning, lost to Kia 9-5.