Even wearing a different uniform, Yang Eui-ji’s eyes were right when he said “I don’t think so”

“I think Ji-ji hyung’s words are right.”

In an away game against the Hanwha Eagles held at Daejeon Hanwha Life Insurance Eagles Park on the 18th, Choi Won-joon took the mound as a starting pitcher and pitched 7 innings, 1 hit, 2 walks, 7 strikeouts and no runs. Choi Won-jun, who had a head-to-head matchup with Hanwha Moon Dong-ju that day, did not win the first win of the season, but tied the Hanwha batting line tightly and held on until the 7th inning, laying the foundation for the team’s victory.

After starting against KIA on the 8th, his elbow was slightly bad, 메이저놀이터so he skipped a rotation and took a break, and it was his first appearance on the 10th day. Choi Won-joon said, “I had a checkup because it was a bit bad, but there was nothing wrong with it. I said it was okay, but the coach was considerate of the long season. When he threw it, he seemed fine.”

“The team lost in the previous two games,” he said. That part bothered me and I thought I had to break it. And he should have pitched last week, but his heart was heavy as the team fell into a losing streak during the break. He looked back on the game that day, saying, “I think it went well because he threw with a sense of responsibility.”

A total of 105 pitches up to the 7th episode. I mixed the fastball and the breaking ball exquisitely in half, but added a curveball and a changeup to the slider. In particular, the changeup was a pitch that was like homework for Choi Won-jun every year, and on this day, the changeup led to several hits.

Choi Won-joon said, “Actually, I switched to forkball in the middle of the camp, and threw a forkball even at the beginning of the season. (Yang) Euiji said that it doesn’t seem like a forkball since he was in NC last year, but I was too bad, so I tried everything.” Looking back, he smiled and said, “Will Ji-hyung and Serizawa Battery coach said that the changeup was much better when I looked at the data, so I changed it, but I think Ji-hyung was right.”

He added, “Today I have never shaken my head. All of them were thrown according to the will-type signature. Certainly, my data over the years are on the opposing team, so a lot has actually changed since Ji-hyung came. He uses a lot of right-handed hitters and curveballs as well. I am satisfied with all the matches I played with Eui-hyung.”

For Choi Won-Jun, who signed ‘OK’ in both his physical condition and game management, the only thing left is his victory. However, Choi Won-joon said, “I experienced it last year, but if the team loses a lot, it has no choice but to go down. Like today, the team wins first. All the starting pitchers on our team think that way and have a plan,” he predicted.