Even the beast feels “old”… How Kim Kang-min ages gracefully

SSG fans ask him to “don’t get old”, but there is no player who can face the flow of time. SSG veteran outfielder and one of the league’s oldest players, Kim Kang-min (41), also said he was feeling the trend. The body is definitely not what it used to be. If not, that’s even weirder.

Perhaps, even now, after forty years of age,스포츠토토his skills and self-management that can confidently compete with his juniors are just great. Kim Kang-min is making an outstanding performance with a batting average of 0.353 and an OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 1.007 in 11 games of the season until the 23rd. The tempting grade he could use more often. However, SSG director Kim Won-hyung said, “We have to manage it.” Coach Kim, who watched Kang-Min Kim’s athletic abilities from the sidelines so many times during his prime, is also judging that his physical strength and ability are not the same as they used to be.

Kim Kang-min himself honestly confessed (?) this. Kang-Min Kim made a big success with 2 hits and 1 walk against Kiwoom in Incheon on the 23rd, and also showed good defense. His brightest moment was in the 8th inning when he faced 6-6. In the situation of 1st, 1st and 2nd base, when Heredia’s left-handed hit came out, 2nd base runner Kim Kang-min quickly turned around 3rd base and came home. It was a situation where no one could guarantee that the ball would come home safely, but Kim Kang-min slipped in at the last moment and was responsible for the team’s final score.

If it was the same as before, maybe it was a distance that could have been reached without sliding. In a broadcast interview after the game, Kim Kang-min laughed, saying, “It was a home game situation. I played with all my strength.” He smiled awkwardly, saying, “Still, my legs didn’t open at the last moment because I stole more than 200 bases. I feel that I’m getting older day by day. If it was like other times, I would have been able to afford it, but today (the tag situation) was tight.”

On this day, he shook his head in the evaluation of Hosobi and unexpectedly blamed himself, saying, “It is proof that I am getting older. I caught an easy ball with difficulty. Other people don’t know, but I know. I have to get my senses back quickly.” Kim Kang-min realized that his age and physical condition were not as good as before. Maybe it was a proposition he had been feeling all these days.

However, he is still Kim Kang-min, who plays an important part in his team. Even though the proportion has decreased, the SSG roaster is not complete without Kim Kang-min. He’s one of the most reliable hitters against lefties and remains one of the best defenders on the team. His many experiences shine even in pinch hitters and late game situations. As long as he manages well, he can still play at the A-class level, which was already watched by everyone during the Korean Series last year.

It doesn’t just give in or compromise with time. In the days when there were many injuries, I paradoxically learned to take care of myself more thoroughly. There is no compromise on the training schedule. Kim Kang-min introduced himself fighting against the time, saying, “As I get older, I sometimes fall back, but as long as I’m not sick, I’m trying to digest all the training schedules. I also work hard on weight training and other training.” People get older, and athletes who live by their bodies feel the aftermath faster. However, Kim Kang-min, who does his best until the end, is literally getting old.