‘Evaporated 15.7 billion won’ Bolt “I’m stressed, but I have to forget it”

‘Retired athletics emperor’ Usain Bolt (37, Jamaica), who suffered financial fraud of about 15.7 billion won, said calmly, “I’m stressed, but I’ll forget it for now.”

Bolt attended the 50th anniversary ceremony of the Gibson McCook Relay held in Kingston, Jamaica on the 28th (Korean time) and faced local reporters such as Reuters.

It was the first interview he gave after becoming a victim of financial fraud.

Bolt said, “It’s a tough situation. Still, when I think about what I’ve learned from competing all my life, I have to face reality now. I’ll leave the case to the lawyer and focus on my family. “he said.

On the 13th, Bolt received a report that the balance of the SSL account at the Jamaican asset management company was reduced to $12,000 (approximately 15 million won).

Bolt’s lawyer, Lynton Gordon, said, “Bolt invested a lot of money in a business deal with SSL for more than 10 years to help him and his parents retire. But $12.7 million (approximately 15.7 billion won) evaporated.”

SSL said, “Now, the former employee who was fired is being investigated by the police for committing large-scale fraud. We also reported the case of Bolt to the police.” 먹튀검증

Bolt’s men’s 100m 9.58 seconds,

He won 8 gold medals in three Olympic Games and 11 gold medals in the World Athletics Championships.

In his heyday, Bolt earned an average of over 30 billion won per year from advertising revenue and prize money. Even after he retired at the end of 2017, he continued to work as an advertising model.

Even for Bolt, who earned his fortune, $12.7 million is a lot of money.

Bolt’s lawyer asked SSL to “return the investment regardless of the outcome of the trial of the former employee.”