ESPN “The reason Son Heung-min, the top scorer, was sluggish… Conte’s murderous training”

Tottenham were sluggish and manager Antonio Conte left. Son Heung-min (31) was the top scorer under manager Conte, but he was not sharp this season. Locals pointed out that there was a problem with Conte’s training session.

British media ‘Spursweb’ said on the 31st (Korean time), 메이저놀이터“This season was a setback for Son Heung-min. He lost confidence and scored less. According to ESPN reports, Son Heung-min found Conte’s training session difficult. The repetitive nature made Son Heung-min tired.”

I was able to hear a detailed story through the global sports media ‘ESPN’. The media said, “There was a high possibility of physical fatigue accumulating on the team due to the World Cup in Qatar, but in the pre-season they did murderous physical training. Some players ran at high speed in the stadium in the heat and humidity of over 30 degrees. Son Heung-min collapsed. We lost and some players struggled.”

According to Tottenham sources, the players supported coach Conte’s training in the summer but became increasingly dissatisfied as the season progressed. Conte didn’t make any hasty changes to the training program or announce it until the last minute. In some cases, the squad did not know which training session they would be conducting.

Conte often calls for squad training in the morning. Excessive physical training outside of the game has become a point of dissatisfaction and controversy within the team. The game pattern was also familiar and there was no change. ‘ESPN’ said, “Conte’s training session could be the reason for Son Heung-min’s sluggish performance.

Tottenham sacked manager Conte during the A match in March. Son Heung-min said in an interview after the game against Uruguay, “I’m really sorry. He is definitely a world-class manager. I think I had a happy journey with coach Conte.”

He continued, “I don’t know what the players will think, but there are many things I’m sorry for. I should have shown a better performance, but I couldn’t help the team. I also feel responsible for coach Conte taking responsibility.”