Early return of injured players starts, Samsung’s complete formation is coming soon

Good news came to Samsung in the ‘injury ward’. This is because injured players such as Kim Jae-seong (catcher), Kim Dong-yeop, and Kim Hyeon-joon (above outfielder) are recovering quickly and are more likely to return earlier than expected. 

Kim Hyun-jun has the fastest pace. Kim Hyeon-joon, who suffered a fractured right hand bone, is scheduled to play in the Futures game from the 17th. Director Park Jin-man said, “Training and practice are different. Since this is the first game, there may be echoes in the injured area. We will check this part,” he said. 

Kim Jae-seong메이저놀이터, who injured his right side during an exhibition game against LG on March 26, is expected to join Future Steam next week. Director Park Jin-man said, “Kim Jae-seong is recovering two to three weeks faster than expected.” 

Kim Dong-yeop, who injured his left quadriceps muscle while running base against Lotte on the 15th of last month, is also showing a smooth recovery. “He judged that it would be difficult to return in the first half, but he shows a rapid recovery and can return in mid-June,” said manager Park Jin-man. 

All of them play important roles on the team. If he recovers his normal condition and adds to the team’s power, it will be a great help in the fight for the middle ranks. Head coach Park Jin-man predicted, “I was worried that there were many injured players ahead of the season, but they showed a faster-than-expected recovery, and by June, we will build up the entire team that we envisioned during the camp.” 

Director Park Jin-man continued, “I think it will be easy to operate when they return. We are optimistic that the speed of recovery is faster than expected.” 

Head coach Park Jin-man emphasized that “a team with a stable starting lineup and defense achieves good results during a long race,” and said, “It is a good thing that this part is being done well.” If Kim Hyeon-jun, Kim Jae-seong, and Kim Dong-yeop return, the team’s batting lineup is expected to become even stronger. 

It’s not just injured players returning. Choi Chae-heung, a 10-win left-hander who is serving military service in Sangmu, Choi Ji-gwang, who achieved a double-digit hold for three consecutive years, and catcher Kim Do-hwan, a former youth representative with experience in the first team, will also join. It wasn’t long before they were able to build a full force.