‘Director’ Lee Seung-yeop’s first scam, the sleepless dawn hidden in a smile

Lee Seung-yeop (47), coach of the Doosan Bears, always conducts training with a smile at the spring camp in Sydney, Australia, which has been in progress since the 1st. He is trying to create an atmosphere in which the players can sweat as much as possible while having open conversations with the players and constantly shouting “fighting”.

There are times when he conveys his thoughts to the players through coaches for each part, but there are also many cases where he communicates directly. In order to motivate people, he actively communicates with them by giving light jokes and short advice. 

After completing training on the morning of the 11th, coach Lee said, “All the players still look good. Everyone is hardworking and sincere바카라. They have bright expressions and are willing, so the spring camp is being held without difficulty.” I looked back on the past 10 days, saying, “I was looking at the pitcher side as well as the hitter side.

However, compared to his playing days, his body may have become more comfortable, but his heart has become heavier. After retiring from active duty at the end of the 2017 season, with a new start as a leader in six years, the closer the opening of the regular league approaches, the greater the sense of responsibility and burden.

Even during the camp break, which was focused only on recharging, I can’t rest comfortably. From the third week of the camp, coach Lee’s mind is even more complicated as he has his own Cheongbaek match and a practice game against the Australian national team.

Director Lee said, “I can’t sleep well at night because of this. I wake up quickly these days, probably because I have a lot of worries. My eyes open at 5:00 in the morning.” During Cheongbaekjeon, I am worried about what parts I should pay close attention to and ask the players.”

He also said, “When I was a player, I didn’t have any physical difficulties because I didn’t exercise on my rest days, but now I’m worried that there will be injuries. There are times when trainers and coaches come to me and I’m surprised. Fortunately, no players have been injured so far.” smiled at 

However, after the start of the spring camp, he showed confidence in his training performance. Doosan finished in 9th place last year and failed to advance to the postseason for the first time in 8 years, but this year, they believe they can run toward a higher place again.

Coach Lee said, “I hope we can show that we are not a team that is easygoing. Even if we lose, we do not give away the game one-sidedly, but Doosan must not lose heart until the end.” I think if I play the game while making small mistakes little by little, I will definitely go higher than last year.”