Director Colin Bell “I learned a lot against the world’s best opponent! Great experience!”

 Colin Bell, coach of the women’s national soccer team, found hope in the complete defeat against England.

The Korean women’s soccer team lost 0-4 in the first leg of the 2023 Arnold Clark Cup against England held at MK Stadium in Milton Keynes, England on the afternoon of the 16th (local time). England is the world’s top powerhouse, ranked 4th in the FIFA Women’s Ranking and the European Champion.

After the match, coach Bell praised England, saying, “Congratulations on England’s victory. England is the best team in the world right now.” He continued, “Now that we have been invited to this competition, it is the off-season. We could have refused. But if not this time, we will face the top teams sometime.” He explained, “I knew it would be a difficult game.”

Korea focused on defense rather than offense as usual. The condition of the players was not normal due to the offseason. Here, the opponent is strong and the expedition was taken into consideration. Before giving away a penalty kick at the end of the first half, Korea showed organizational skills and blocked England’s attacks again and again. Coach Bell said, “We usually raise the line and play aggressively. But today, like Italy’s Catenaccio,메이저사이트 we set up three or four buses in the midfield and played.” Then she explained, “The first half was good. There were dizzying scenes, but overall it was organized.” Regarding the penalty that gave her the opening goal, she lamented, “I’ll have to look at it properly, but personally, I don’t think it’s a penalty kick.”

I regretted the physical difference. Coach Bell said, “England has repeatedly attacked with physicality, speed and tempo. This is something Asia needs to learn. Unfortunately, the WK league lacks intensity.” We’re working hard. We’re a good team and we have a lot of talented players, but right now we’ve lost three or four top players.”

It seems that Ji So-yeon will have a hard time running in this tournament. Coach Bell said, “Ji So-yeon wants to run, but she’s not perfect yet. Her sprint and shooting skills are still lacking.” At the same time, he worried about Ji So-yeon, saying, “I don’t want my best player to take risks. If the injury gets worse, he won’t be able to compete in the World Cup.”