“Did you really like it?” The words Lee Kwang-jin gave to Song Hong-min, who couldn’t predict the future

Lee Gwang-jin (Gyeongnam FC) picked Song Hong-min, who turned from an enemy to a friend, as one of the most anticipated players this season.

In last year’s K-League 2 semi-playoff, Gyeongnam played a great match against Bucheon FC 1995 and won 3-2. At the time, the two teams, who were facing 1-1 in the middle of the second half, exchanged one goal at a short interval. In the 29th minute of the second half, Lee Gwang-jin’s free kick kicked from a distance hit the ground in front of the goalpost and scored. However, Gyeongnam’s joy did not last long. Three minutes later, Bucheon equalized from a corner kick. The scorer was Song Hong-min. Song Hong-min, who scored a goal to save the team, performed the ceremony by sliding with his knee.

Lee Kwang-jin and Song Hong-min, who scored consecutively at the time, became teammates this winter. After the season ended, Song Hong-min, who became a free agent (FA), joined Gyeongnam. Lee Gwang-jin, who attended the interview at the ‘2023 K-League Winter Battery Training Media Camp’, said he made a joke when Song Hong-min, who put Gyeongnam in crisis, joined the team. “I was having a meal with Hong-min and teased him saying, ‘I really liked it then?

Lee Kwang-jin highly evaluates Song Hong-min, whom he has often played against in a similar position. He even picked Song Hong-min as one of the most anticipated recruits. “I thought he was a good player,” he said. “He has good defense. He is strong and has a fighter’s temperament. This is the type the coach wants. I look forward to seeing what kind of synergy we can create.”

There were minor injuries while playing last season. He was treated over the winter because he was sure he was better and that he might as well join training. So he could not participate in training in earnest at the beginning of winter training. His body hadn’t risen much yet. keep making it I will try to raise it as much as possible until the opening game.

I heard that he would give up the captaincy this season, so

I decided to reappoint him in line with the new season. Although he has decided not to take on anything this year, his role will not change much. The director always tells me to stay focused, regardless of position. He stays silent and tries to do what he can behind the scenes.

It is the 4th year of Seol Ki-hyun’s managerial system. Is there anything that has changed?

The build-up and attack method that the director pursues are the same. He is preparing steadily and consistently. In addition to this, the defense is more emphasized this year. You talk a lot about active defense and positioning when defending. Some say that we need the will to defend tenaciously, but I think the reason why we failed in the playoffs last year was the difference between aggressiveness and tenacity that the coach said. If you look at the promoted Gwangju (FC) or Daejeon (Hana Citizen), when they were losing, they tried to catch up and turn over. I think we may have lacked a little bit of that.

Regarding the recruiting this winter, manager Seol Ki-hyun said, “We have made substantial reinforcements.” Who are you looking forward to among the recruits?

First of all, (Song) Hong-min from Bucheon. I met Hong-min a lot as an opponent, and I thought he was a good player. He scored a lot of goals, especially when he played against our team. When he came and played with me, he was a really hard-working player. He also communicates well with the players. He has a lot of expectations. There is also a (Kwon) Ki-pyo from the big club Pohang (Steelers). He has a healthy mentality and is a well-prepared player. He thought he would be a great help to the team. Both players have good personalities. I think the new players, including Hong-min and Gi-pyo, will be a source of energy for our team. As the director said, I think it will play a big role in strengthening internal stability.

It seems that Song Hong-min was strong against Gyeongnam. He scored both goals against Gyeongnam last year. He also scored in the semi-playoffs,

that’s right. During the semi-playoffs메이저사이트, the ceremony was also hard. While eating rice with Hong-min, ‘Did you really like it then? I teased him saying, ‘If he knew you were coming, he should have held the ceremony in moderation,’ and then he said that was the best thing (laughs). He even joked, “Last year I got so kicked it hurt.” He hasn’t been able to match his breath much yet, but it would be nice to play together. Hongmin has good defense. He is strong and has a fighter temperament. This is the type the director wants. He is looking forward to what kind of synergy he can create.

I had a ‘career high’ season last year, so I think my resolution for this season will be different.

The first thing I did when I started preparing for the season was organizing my thoughts. He decided to erase his memories of last year. It seemed like I was going to get drunk at a good time. I had the idea of ​​starting over with the mindset of a rookie to create a better career. And above all else, this year is a season where you really have to produce results. After all, there are only two letters, ‘promotion’. All team members must work hard to achieve results.

It has been 4 years since I last played on the K League 1 stage. Personally, I would be desperate for promotion, but

when I was in K-League 2 before and went up to K-League 1, I thought it was worth playing up to 5 games. But as the 6th and 7th games passed, we continued to meet strong opponents, and the opponents met again with data about us, so it definitely got harder. I want to try one more time. I wonder where I am, how good my team is, and what the coach’s soccer will be like in the K-League 1. I want to see how much it breaks and how much it can be knocked down.

200 K-League career appearances (currently 186 matches) and 100 matches belonging to Gyeongnam (currently 88 matches) are not far away.

In fact, we couldn’t celebrate the 100th game in the K-League. At the time, the situation was a bit ambiguous. He moved to Gyeongnam with one or two games left until the 100th game. His 100th or 101st game was also an away game in Jeju (100 games). Personally, he was embarrassed to fill the 100th game too late. 200 games in total, 100 games with Gyeongnam seems to be a goal worth trying. As we speak, something comes to mind. A fan told me on Instagram that there were only a few left until the top 1 assist in Gyeongnam. (Yoon Bit) It seems that there are only a few records left for Garam (Kim Dong-chan 15, Yoon Bit-Ga-ram 14, Lee Gwang-jin 13). During the interview, the goals for this season are summarized. 200 games in total, 100 games in Gyeongnam, the most help for the team, I want to try this.

Last year, he scored a goal for the first time in 9 years. It was also recorded during the semi-playoff matches (against FC Anyang) and semi-playoffs (against Bucheon). Goals are not an important position, but I wonder if I have a desire to score more goals

. It was okay when I didn’t score a goal for a while. I thought I was a player far from goal. But now that I think about it, I don’t think I’ve ever challenged myself. In the match against Anyang, I scored a goal from a position I would not have thought of shooting before. Once I scored a goal like that, I thought about trying it once in a situation where I needed a goal in the following game against Bucheon. So he scored another goal. Until now, it seems that I have set limits for myself. I’m not going to be greedy, but this year, I’m trying to keep the possibility a little bit more open.