De Hea, who didn’t even react properly, Ten Hagh defended “I don’t want to talk”

Despite a series of mistakes, the trust of manager Eric Ten Haag remains unchanged.

Manchester United lost 1-2 to Manchester City in the FA Cup final for the 2022-2023 season held at Wembley Stadium in London, England on the 3rd (hereinafter Korean time).

I missed the championship right in front of my nose. More than anything, it hurts to lose in the Manchester derby, a battle of pride.메이저사이트

The spotlight went to Manchester City midfielder Ilkay Gundogan, who scored twice. With two non-stop volleys, both Manchester United split the net.

Conversely, Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea has faced a lot of criticism. I couldn’t even react in the first conceded scene. I just watched the ball going to the corner of the right goal.

Considering the speed of the shot, the unpredictable timing, and the trajectory of the ball, it was Gundogan’s shot that was better than De Gea’s.

▲ De Gea is making a series of mistakes.

The problem is the second point. This was Gundogan’s non-stop volley, too, but his shot speed dropped. De Gea’s reaction was delayed and led to a goal.

De Gea recently conceded goals in a series of mistakes against Sevilla and West Ham United. Public opinion was formed among Manchester United fans that the goalkeeper should be changed.

De Gea is out of contract with Manchester United at the end of the season. Criticism is stronger because it is the highest weekly wage in the team (375,000 pounds / about 612 million won).

Coach Ten Hagh covered De Hea. “He’s had a fantastic season,” he said after the match. “I don’t want to comment on De Gea’s problems. Just because I missed a few games doesn’t mean I can’t ignore what I did well in most of the season.”

Manchester United are also expected to sign a new contract with De Gea. Even with the continued mistakes, the intentions of the club as well as coach Ten Hag were not shaken. However, large-scale weekly wage cuts are expected to be unavoidable.