‘Dancing striker’ Lee Seung-woo “I will score more goals than last year”

A goal is also a goal, but Lee Seung-woo makes fans happy with this kind of dance. He scored 14 goals last year, how many dance ceremonies did he prepare this year?

Reporter Choi Jong-hyeok met.


While everyone was aiming for메이저사이트 the ball from the corner kick, they stepped back and looked for an empty space, and with an amazing trajectory, made the goalkeeper kneel.

Place your left foot lightly on the bouncing ball, spin around and hit it quickly for half a beat.

‘Soccer Genius’ Lee Seung-woo announced his resurgence by scoring 14 goals in the first year of his K-League debut after ending his life in Europe.

The unidentified ceremonies that were shown every time a goal was scored gave a pleasant argument that they were not scoring goals to dance.

[Lee Seung-woo/Suwon FC striker: Let’s have a little more fun. Thinking about it already, I thought I would have to wait too long, so I prepared a ceremony a day or two before the game… ]

Lee Seung-woo’s second season of the K-League also makes us look forward to the harmonization of goals and dances.

[Kim Do-gyun/Suwon FC coach: I’m thinking I can score more. In the case of a ceremony, the person himself prepares well, so I have nothing to say… ]

The collaboration with Yoon Bitgaram, who became a team, is also something to pay attention to.

[Lee Seung-woo/Suwon FC striker: He was a ‘soccer genius’ who was good at soccer. Everyone is surprised when Garam sees her brother’s passing and kicking power.]

[Bitgaram Yoon/Suwon FC midfielder: I think Seungwoo has what I didn’t have.]

The European challenge has stopped for a while, but I’m looking forward to the high ground of the K-League by supplementing defense and stamina.