Danbi Kim is very active… Woori Bank’s magic number ‘2’

Women’s professional basketball Woori Bank reduced the magic number to ‘2’ to win the regular league by beating KB with the great performance of ace Kim Dan-bi.

From the beginning of the KB match토토사이트, Ace Kim Dan-bi’s 3 stores are on fire.

Kim Dan-bi, with a concise form, put as many as five 3-stores into the rim until the 2nd quarter!

Guard Park Ji-hyeon also showed off her fierce scoring ability while running across the court.

With the performance of Kim Dan-bi and Park Ji-hyun, who jointly scored 43 points, Woori Bank defeated KB, which Park Ji-soo missed as manager, and left 2 wins to win the regular league on its own.

LG Gutang’s interception followed by a fantastic reverse dunk.

However, the victory was taken by KCC, where Heo Woong and Laguna’s performance shined.