Commissioner Joon-Hee Han “A pardon for KFA will reduce the credibility of the soccer world”

 Commentator Han Jun-hee (52), who is considered the best soccer expert in Korea, conveyed his conviction. 

On the 28th, the Korea Football Association (KFA) held a board meeting in the conference room of the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the afternoon of the 28th and decided to pardon 100 soccer players who are being disciplined.

This was an inappropriate action in many areas,먹튀검증 including its legitimacy. Criticism is boiling, and this reporter also thought it was a headline, “‘The manipulator pardon’ comedy KFA, until the announcement of snatching 2 hours before the game. ” 

Commentator Han Jun-hee, who is considered a Korean soccer expert, also voiced his voice in this situation. Commentator Han Jun-hee said through the ‘One Two Punch’ SNS channel, “I wonder if this amnesty meets the various standards demanded by our era. ”  can only revisit This amnesty and its wording will reduce the credibility of the football world as a whole and will result in a bad image of the football world as a whole. 

Even when the president and the government exercise the right to pardon, they first carefully observe the direction of public opinion and then exercise the right to pardon very carefully. The most important reason is that the standards of moral standards and common sense required by our age are extremely reasonable compared to the old times. That’s why when the story of buying it comes out, everyone becomes very cautious and has no choice but to be very concerned. We have no choice but to reconsider whether this amnesty properly meets the various standards required by our time. 

Of course, there was an announcement that this amnesty was decided by reflecting the voice of the soccer field, but rather, these wordings reduce the credibility of the soccer world in general, and I think it results in a bad image of the soccer world in general. Because the football world gives off the impression that they are gathering together to decide on such an important issue in a way that is advantageous to them, such as good brother, good brother, good sister, good brother-in-law, etc., rather reflecting the voice of the field. Wording doesn’t seem right either. 

Today’s Korea Football Association is the largest and most financially operated organization among all sports organizations in Korea. We need to think about what the source of today’s Korea Football Association and the whole football world has grown so greatly. It is also the same support as the deterioration of the people and soccer fans. Because of this, I think that the Korea Football Association and the soccer world are enjoying various large-scale finances and honors today. If it were not for the passionate support and support of the people, the crowd would not gather at the soccer field as it is now, and there would not be a huge sponsor. 

In the end, when considering this situation, it should be seen that football is already digesting the character and function of public goods in our society. Therefore, it is difficult to recognize the existence of soccer as a private property unique to the soccer world. Since this also happened in the soccer world, this kind of mindset that the soccer world will take care of itself, if it exists, is very anachronistic and corresponds to a really reasonable point of view that ignores the people and fans who have been working hard and supporting soccer to exist. I think it’s a treat not to do. 

Lastly, I would like to say that the pardon of 48 people related to match fixing is a problem in itself, but I think I have to say that the question of the other 52 people is bound to remain in the minds of the people. Indeed, these 52 people were disciplined for what type of misconduct they committed, how much, and what type of misconduct they committed, so is it right to pardon them now? Of course, this is something that the public and football fans can’t help but be curious about. There is also a story that the name cannot be disclosed for privacy reasons, but even if the name is not disclosed, the extent to which the type of misconduct has been committed must be disclosed to determine whether this amnesty is appropriate or not appropriate. would be a valid basis. 

So, regarding this amnesty, the Korean Football Association and, more broadly, the entire soccer world thinks a little more carefully and thinks that there are fundamentally many issues to think about.