Coach Lee Seung-yeop, a ‘newcomer’, ‘struggling’ in May in the absence of selection…”It didn’t go as I thought”

The Doosan Bears, led by coach Lee Seung-yeop (47), are in fourth place with 22 wins, 1 draw and 21 losses (0.512 win rate) as of the 29th. With two games remaining in May, the win-loss margin is maintained at +1.메이저놀이터

Literally, it is a month that has stopped maintaining the status quo. This is a rather disappointing report card from director Lee Seung-yeop’s point of view. At the end of last April, coach Lee expressed his satisfaction, saying, “The goal was a 50% win rate.” April deserved it. This is because injured players appeared one after another from the beginning of the opening season. Beast resources such as Kim In-tae and Kim Dae-han left, and the fourth hitter Kim Jae-hwan’s knee did not work. The most lethal thing was the absence of foreign pitcher Dylan Pyle, who suffered a bone bruise and left for a long time in spring camp.

My expectations for May were different. It was expected that Dylan would gain momentum as soon as he returned in early May. However, when I opened the lid, May was more difficult. Dylan, who had been waiting, was sluggish with an ERA of 8.00 and 1 loss in 2 games after returning, and then withdrew again due to elbow pain. To make matters worse, Gwak Bin, who became the ace with 3 wins and 1 loss with an ERA of 0.88 in April, suffered a back sprain on the 7th and left. 

Rather, the weight of the starting rotation has become lighter than in April. Long relief Choi Seung-yong pitched well as a starter (3.31 ERA in recent games), but he could not fill both positions. Doosan’s win rate was at a standstill, and for three days from the 10th to the 12th, the win rate fell below 50%. 

It was a difficult month for coach Lee Seung-yeop, who is a ‘newcomer commander’. Director Lee met with reporters on the 28th and looked back on May, saying, “It doesn’t seem to have gone as well as I thought.” He said, “Actually, May was a time to cheer up. However, a month passed in a lull. There were winning streaks, but there were also losing streaks. So, I recorded a win rate of about 50%.”

Coach Lee Seung-yeop hoped that he would be able to strike back in June. “Now is the time to go up,” he said. “It’s not the time to overdo it, but we shouldn’t fall further. He added, “There are still two games left in May. I have to reflect on the things that did not work out while playing the game, and I will prepare to show another image of the Doosan Bears in June.”

There is a rebound factor. Kwak Bin returned to the first team entry after 3 weeks on the 28th. After being delayed due to rain on the weekend, he will make his comeback against Changwon NC Dinos on the 31st. Even in the futures (group 2) league game he pitched ahead of his return, he recorded an average fastball of 148 km / h, proving that he was healthy. Manager Lee Seung-yeop expected, “I had enough rest before returning. He has finished pitching for the Futures, so he will be able to pitch normally without limiting the number of pitches.”

It is also a good thing that it was canceled due to rain for two days in a row when the team’s power was at its lowest point. After losing 3-14 against SSG Landers on the 26th, Doosan was unable to digest both games due to rain. On the 24th, due to a shin injury, Yang Eui-ji, who was not in the starting lineup, bought time to return. The bullpen, which was under load, was also reorganized. Now, if only Dylan returns, we can expect a ‘complete Doosan’.