Choi Seung-wook, who has made a new nest in Samsung, “I want to show you a different side of me”

 Choi Seung-wook (28, 190cm), who has made a new nest at Samsung, expressed his strong aspirations.

Seoul Samsung conducted a one-on-one trade with Changwon LG on the 11th. Instead of sending Lim Dong-seop to LG, he recruited Choi Seung-wook in return. Prior to the 2020-2021 season, Choi Seung-wook, who obtained FA (free agent) qualification and transferred to LG, started a new basketball life at Samsung.

Choi Seung-wook said in a phone call with this magazine, “It was a sudden trade. It’s my first time trading, so I’m hectic, but I want to adapt as quickly as I came to another team. There is definitely a basketball style coach Eun Hee-seok is pursuing, so he wants to be an addition to the team according to it.”

Choi Seung-wook played an average of 16 minutes and 20 seconds in 38 games in the 2020-2021 season before enlisting as a managing director, recording 4.3 points and 2.1 rebounds. However, after being discharged, there was no place for him. He only stepped on the court for an average of 3 minutes and 45 seconds in 7 games this season, and he moved mainly in the D-League.

He said, “It is natural for players to want to receive a lot of playing time. There was something missing. However, he thinks that the part the director wanted could not have been right. I need to work harder on this part.” 바카라

Choi Seung-wook’s greatest strength is his defense and hustle play. Regarding the background of Seung-wook Choi’s recruitment, Samsung coach Eun Hee-seok said, “I value energy rather than scoring power or court vision. He also said, “I want him to bring energy to the team through defense.”

“The coach said he wanted me to adapt to the team quickly. He emphasized my defense and fighting energy. You have to do what the coach wants you to play. I want to show energetic play and help the team in the defensive part.” Seungwook Choi says:

Choi Seung-wook, who joined the team immediately after the trade, is concentrating on getting along with his teammates. He can play right away from Suwon KT on the 19th, Samsung’s first game after the All-Star break.

Choi Seung-wook said, “Currently, Samsung’s performance is not good. Both foreign players have changed and I have joined a new team, so I want to show my fans a different side of me. So, I will do my best to achieve good results.”