Choi makes spectacular comeback…fires ‘130m cannon’ in 89 days

Choi Ji-Man’s confidence on the eve of his return was there for a reason. Three games after returning from injury, he hit a huge 130-metre home run today (10th).

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Choi Ji-Man, who started the game, went straight for the first pitch of his at-bat.

The 143-kilometre-per-hour ball was scooped up and sent over the stadium’s tallest fence.

[Choi’s cannonball sends a gust of wind through the middle of the stadium. His three-run homer gives the Pirates a 2-1 lead. {This is why Choi is a Pirate and what brought him to Pittsburgh.}]

Choi switched to Pittsburgh this season, but after an injury-plagued opening day slump, Choi shot off the arch in just his third game back after a two-month rehab assignment.

After getting his first taste of exhilaration in 89 days, Choi pointed to the sky and celebrated, while his teammates continued the celebratory rituals for the returning ‘hotchpotch’.

In his last at-bat of the ninth inning, he hit a 177 kilometre per hour ‘bullet’ to drive a wedge into the win.

Choi’s ‘multi-hit’ performance with two long balls helped Pittsburgh snap a four-game losing streak.

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Kim, who injured his toe by kicking a bucket of water in frustration after being thrown out at first base two days earlier, came back from a day’s rest to make a series of ‘fantastic defensive plays’.

He’s been ‘contributing to the team both offensively and defensively’ and has already booked ‘career highs’ with 10 home runs and 16 stolen bases in the first half of this season alone.

We’re looking forward to seeing what the Big Leaguers can do in the second half as they recharge for the All-Star break this week.