“Chelsea’s ‘second Robben’ has appeared”… Who is the winger that the legends ‘highly praised’?

 Many legends praise Mudrik as Chelsea freshman, 22-year-old Ukrainian ‘divine’ Mikhail.

Mudriq wore a Chelsea uniform in the transfer market last winter, and recorded a transfer fee of 88 million pounds (133.1 billion won).

There are legends that say that Arjen Robben, in his twenties, comes to mind for this kind of mudrik. Robben was a star who made a name for himself as one of the best wingers in the world. He moved to Chelsea in 2004 at the age of 20, and played there until 2007. He won a total of six titles with Chelsea, including two Premier안전놀이터 League titles and one FA Cup title.

After Robben, who grew up at Chelsea, he played for Real Madrid and Bayern Munich and became the world’s best player. The beginning of this Robben, Robben at Chelsea now resembles Moudrik.

One of the Chelsea legends, Joe Cole, told BT Sport: “Mudrik will be Chelsea’s best player. He has great feet that can win games and excite the fans. In that brief moment The way he beats players and scores goals reminds me of Robben.”

He continued, “I came to the Premier League from Ukraine. It’s a big challenge for him. You have to give him time. I’m looking forward to Mudrik learning from Porter more and more. I think Mudrik will develop more and more. Chelsea will do well at the right time. It seems to have been recruited,” he added.

Cole wasn’t the only star to see what Robben looked like to Mudriq.

Gerrard said: “When you look at Mudrik, it reminds you of the real Robben. His footwork and how quickly he controls the ball, it seems that way. If I were Chelsea, I would be very excited about signing Mudrik.”