Chelsea, who spent 458.3 billion won, lost 4 runs… The DF who ‘left for free’ was ‘no loss + 1st place’

It’s a stark contrast. While Chelsea, who had spent 344.49 million euros (approximately 458.3 billion won) so far, suffered a 4-point loss, Andreas Christensen, who left as a free agent (FA), secured victory with a scoreless performance and kept first place in the league.

Chelsea lost again. Chelsea lost 0-4 to Manchester City in the FA Cup held on the 9th (Korean time). I tried to avenge the pain of losing 0-1 in the last league game, but rather left a bigger wound.

Performance wasn’t good either. Chelsea struggled against Man City, who used strong forward pressure, barely able to rise above the half line. Chelsea lost possession a total of 25 times in this match, of which about half, or 12, occurred in their own camp. Also, Man City succeeded in 4 out of 5 interceptions in the Chelsea camp. 메이저사이트

There are too many injuries. Chelsea currently have the 10 most injured players in the Premier League. Key players include Rhys James, Ben Chilwell and Raheem Sterling. Mason Mount returned in the last match, but Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang suffered a bad news with an injury.

The performance of the center backs is also disappointing. Except for Thiago Silva, there is no player who does his job. Trevor Chalova, who played frequently before the World Cup, is still questioned about his skills, and Kalidou Koulibaly, who has appeared in every game since the World Cup, has not recovered his form at Napoli.

Meanwhile, Christensen laughed. He left Chelsea last summer as a free agent to join Barcelona. In the process, he committed a ‘sabotage’ by not participating in the FA Cup final and was out of sight of Chelsea fans. At the time, Christensen was in good physical condition and had no personal problems whatsoever. He was an obvious sabotage, an attitude of disloyalty that completely broke the hearts of Chelsea fans.

Apart from that, Christensen will be happy. This is because he shared the victory with a good performance in an important league match against Atletico Madrid. On this day, Christensen took charge of the back of the team, including 9 recoveries (1st place in the team), 3 interceptions (1st place overall), and 5 clearings (2nd place in the team), bringing a valuable victory. Along with this, the pain of not being able to play often due to injuries this season was washed away.

Barcelona laughed too. With this victory, Barcelona widened the gap to Real Madrid, who suffered a shock defeat to Villarreal, to three points. At the same time, they are solidifying their first place in the league and advancing towards their first championship under coach Xavi Hernandez.