‘Cannon Heater’ Kim Jae-hyun returns to LG after 19 years… Served as power reinforcement coordinator

‘Cannon Heater’ Kim Jae-hyeon (49), SPOTV commentator, wears the ‘glossy jumper’ again after 19 years.

Professional baseball LG announced on the 29th that it had appointed Commissioner Kim as the power reinforcement coordinator.

LG said, “Commissioner Kim has accumulated a wealth of baseball-related career as a player, coach, and commentator,” and “Based on extensive knowledge, we determined that he was the right person to act as a bridge between the front and the field.”

Coordinator Kim, a graduate of Shinil High School in Seoul, was a top-class prospect recruited by LG through the ‘Okinawa Operation 007’.

Originally scheduled to go to Yonsei University, in order to catch him, LG dispatched a front desk employee to Okinawa, Japan, and got the contract signed right before the deadline expired.

At the time, coordinator Kim was staying in Okinawa to participate in an international competition.

Coordinator Kim won the Golden Glove in the outfield category when he joined the 20 home run-20 stolen base club in 1994, his first year with the club. The team also succeeded in winning its second championship since its founding.

Coordinator Kim recorded a batting average of 0.297, 139 homers, 633 RBIs, and 85 stolen bases at LG for the next 11 years.메이저놀이터

Until Kim Hyeon-soo (0.875) joined LG, LG club’s overall OPS (on-base percentage + slugging power) ranked first (0.862) was coordinator Kim.

The scene in which coordinator Kim hit the right time and gestured toward the crowd at first base during the 2002 Korean Series remains an unforgettable scene for many LG fans.

At that time, the reason he stopped at first base even after hitting a double hit was because his hip joint rotted away. This injury eventually became an opportunity to cut off the relationship between Coordinator Kim and LG.

When the 2004 season ended and he became a free agent (FA), the club asked him to sign a memorandum stating that ‘even if he is taken to the hospital during a game, the club is not responsible.’

Coordinator Kim rejected this and left LG by signing with SK (now SSG).

He immediately won the Golden Glove in the designated hitter category in 2005, announced his retirement before the start of the 2010 season, and eventually ended his career by winning the Korean Series that year.

After his retirement, he served as hitting coach for the Japanese professional baseball Yomiuri and Hanwha and the national team, and also served as a technical committee member for the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO).

Coordinator Kim said, “I am excited to return to LG,” and “There are many players and coaches with outstanding abilities in the club. We will make sure that the front desk and the field can contribute to becoming a stronger and stronger team with one voice with the same goal.”