“Can the roof of the Tokyo Dome be opened during the game… A unique rule

As the World Baseball Classic (WBC) opened on the 8th, the 메이저사이트 match between national teams is also attracting attention, but on the other hand, the dome stadium where the game is held also attracts attention.

The WBC, which will be held in Taiwan, Japan, and the United States until the 21st, announced the start of the tournament with the start of the first round in which 20 countries participate. Korea in Group B will face Australia (9th), Japan (10th), Czech Republic (12th) and China (13th) in the first round at Tokyo Dome, Japan.

The first round will be played at Zhouji Baseball Stadium in Taichung, Taiwan (Group A), Tokyo Dome, Japan (Group B), Phoenix Chase Field, Arizona, USA (Group C), and Londippo Park, Miami, Florida, USA (Group D). The quarterfinals will be held at Tokyo Dome and Londippo Park, and the final will be held at Londippo Park.

Of the four stadiums, except for Zhouji Baseball Stadium in Taichung, all are domed stadiums with roofs. How will the ceiling of the dome open and close during the competition?

The WBC has established this in its tournament rules. The decision to open and close the roof during a game in a retractable dome stadium is entirely at the sole discretion of the Game Operation Technical Committee.

If the game starts with the roof open, the roof can be closed only when it rains enough to have to be canceled or in a similar weather situation. The closing of the roof due to weather conditions is decided by the Competition Technical Committee in consultation with the head of the referee. However, the closed roof cannot be reopened.

If the game starts with the roof closed, the roof is allowed to be opened only when the Game Management Technical Committee judges that it interferes with pleasant game viewing. At this time, the roof can be opened only once per game. If it is decided to open the game, the committee notifies the referee at the start of the inning, and the referee informs the manager of both teams. The roof can only be opened between innings.

The unusual competition rules are also a factor to note. Athletes wearing uniforms must take off their hats and maintain a respectful posture during national ceremonies. No spitting, chewing, laughing or talking.

Smoking is also strictly prohibited. Smoking, including e-cigarettes, is prohibited within spectator sight range, including dugouts, or in places where filming is permitted. Smoking is prohibited not only during matches, but also during batting practice, pre-match interviews, and national anthem performances.