Byun Jun-hyeong-Park Ji-hoon, a young guard line leading the vitality of KGC offense

Byun Jun-hyung (26·186 cm) and Park Ji-hoon (27·184 cm), Anyang KGC’s guard line with young spirit leads the team. 

In the home game on the 29th, KGC defeated Daegu Korea Gas Corporation 87-85 after extra time and kept first place. It is 2 games behind Changwon LG in 2nd place. Byun Jun-hyung scored 26 points (5 assists), the most in the team, against Korea Gas Corporation that day. Park Jihoon recorded 10 points and 2 assists. 

It can be said that Byun Jun-hyeong and Park Ji-hoon have a somewhat less weight compared to the top competing teams, Changwon LG (Lee Jae-do-Lee Kwan-hee) and Seoul SK (Kim Seon-hyeong-Choi Jun-yong). However, this season, he shows the best performance in the league in terms of his ability to lead the team and offense.  메이저사이트

Byun Jun-hyung replaced Lee Jae-do’s vacant position and changed his position to point guard from last season. Lee Jae-do won the championship match as a member of KGC in the 2020-21 season and transferred to LG as a free agent (FA). 

Byun Jun-hyung went through a point guard adaptation period last season and is leading the team as an offensive point guard this season. 

It is also a positive factor that KGC coach Kim Sang-sik, who took over this season, has a steady trust in Byun Jun-hyung. Coach Kim has a style of encouraging players rather than pushing them. 

Coach Kim said of Byun Jun-hyung throughout the season, “Young players can be intimidated, so I tend to say it’s okay. Byun Jun-hyung also seems to have more confidence because of that.” Coach Kim also sent his faith, saying, “Byun Jun-hyung is playing with excitement this season.” 

Byun Jun-hyung is having a career high season in terms of scoring with an average of 14 points and 4.9 assists this season. In assists, he is currently ranked third in this category. 

Byun Jun-hyung gained more momentum after Park Ji-hoon was discharged last month and returned to the team. Last season, the position of point guard looked somewhat awkward, but as he teamed up with Park Ji-hoon, he relieved the burden and focused on the more aggressive part. Park Ji-hoon also works with Byun Jun-hyung to create a synergistic effect. This is because Park Ji-hoon also has many opportunities when the defense is focused on the aggressive Byun Jun-hyung. 

In KGC, veteran forwards such as Oh Se-geun and Yang Hee-jong silently do dirty work on defense. Thanks to them, the young guard line was more excited in the attack and set out to solidify KGC’s lead.