‘Bulhok’ Phil Seung-jo’s 3-game streak? “There is no pitcher”…2nd team coach Ha So-yeon [Busan Focus].

“We really didn’t have any pitchers yesterday, so we called up two today.”

토토사이트Even if it’s unreasonable, you have to take the game when it’s flowing. It’s a common mantra among the managers of the 10 clubs these days.

The SSG Landers will play the third game of their weekend series against the Lotte Giants at Sajik Stadium in Busan on April 6.

They have already clinched the series with two straight wins. However, SSG was swept by the KT Wiz in midweek. They need to sweep the three-game series against Lotte to get their weekly win percentage to 5 percent.

The previous day, starter Oh Won-seok was pulled after giving up five runs in three innings.

Ko Hyo-joon, 83, took the mound in the sixth inning and Noh Kyung-eun, 84, in the eighth. Both were pitching for the third straight game, with Noh going two innings. Closer Seo Jin-yong, who has been a “noblon” this season, closed the game for his 30th save.

Prior to the game, SSG added pitchers Lim Jun-seop and Choi Min-joon to the first team, and expunged Baek Seung-gun and Jung Sung-gon. “We didn’t have any pitchers,” sighed SSG manager Kim Won-hyung.

The 2023 KBO League game between the Doosan Bears and SSG Landers was held at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on the 12th. SSG pitcher Ko Hyo-jun roars after striking out Doosan Rojas with runners on second and third in the seventh inning. Incheon=Choi Moon-young 기자deer@sportschosun.com /2023.07.12/
“Go Hyo-joon pitched a three-hitter yesterday, so he can’t go out today. If Moon Seung-won and Seo Jin-yong go out today, they’ll both pitch three straight. (Choi) Min-jun was originally scheduled to pitch in the second team today and register on the 8th, but we brought him up a little early. He’s had two live pitches, so he’s in good shape. But usually I say, ‘Let’s not rush it,’ but this time I was in a hurry…”

It’s true that it’s not easy for pitchers, especially starters, to manage their physical condition in such hot weather. However, Kim said, “It’s the same with each other. Of course, you can’t ignore the weather. When it’s as hot as it is nowadays, the condition definitely drops. But on the fifth game, (Oh) Won-seok wasn’t feeling well,” he said.

Regarding the three-game series, he said, “They say that these days are the decisive days, but in fact, if you do well in April and May, the summer is easier. I don’t think there’s anything like that in a season,” he added.

“I was trying to save (Jung) Sung-gon-i for a little bit longer and save the closer, but we scored another two runs, so I put (Lee) Ro-woon in right away. He’s improved a lot, but he still doesn’t have enough pitches. It’s like the saying goes, after a crisis comes a chance, after a chance comes a crisis. In the end, we have to focus on every inning, every batter, every game to perform well. You can’t take it easy.”