[Bonghwangdae] Daegu Senate Gyeongbuk, Daegu-linked two schools to 32nd round ‘collaboration’

After a two-day wait, Daegu Sangwon Go has reached the round of 32 of the Bonhwangdae.

On the 24th, Daegu Sangwon Go defeated Incheon Go 8-3 at the 51st National High School Baseball Tournament for the Battle of the Phoenix 토스카지노(co-hosted by The Korea Times and the Korea Baseball Softball Association) at Shinwol Stadium in Seoul, South Korea, to advance past the second round. Both teams needed a new strategy, especially since aces Shin Sang-hyun (Daegu Sangwon Go) and Kim Taek-yeon (Incheon Go) ended their seasons with the youth national team.

It was Daegu Sangwon Go that took the lead. After taking the lead in the first inning with a two-run homerun to right-center field by No. 3 Lee Soo-ho, Daegu Sangwon added another run in the sixth inning with a double to left field by No. 4 Kang Tae-wan. They added two more runs in the ninth on RBI singles by pinch-hitter Shin Won-hyeop and leadoff man Lee Ho-joon.

On the mound, sophomore Hyun Tak Jeon earned the win with five innings of one-run ball. Sidearm Jang Kyung-woo and sophomore left-hander Lee Dong-young also pitched scoreless innings.

Fellow Daegu team Kyungpook National University also minimized the absence of Jeon Mir, who was absent for the youth national team, with a 6-3 victory over Busan Public University.

※ Results of the second round of the 51st Bonghwangdae National High School Baseball Tournament (August 24, Day 7)

Daegu Gyeongbuk High School 6-3 Busan Industrial High School (09:00)
Gwangju First High School 2-0 Seoul Hwimun High School
Gyeonggi Shinseung High School 14-7 Gyeongju High School (8th inning cold)
Daegu Sangwon High School 8-3 Incheon High School
Gyeonggi Aviation High School 12-2 Seoul Eunpyeong Baseball Club (6th inning cold)
Gyeongnam Yangsan Geum High School 4-3 Gyeonggi Chunghun High School

※ 51st Bonghwangdae National High School Baseball Tournament 2nd Round Schedule (8/25, Day 8)

Gyeonggi Jangan High School vs Daejeon High School (09:00)
Seoul Gyeongdong High School vs Gyeongnam Geoje Baseball Club (11:30)
Chungbuk Cheongju High School vs Seoul Jangchung High School (14:00, Mokdong)

Gyeonggi Inchang High School vs Seoul Auto High School (09:00)
Incheon Deokchil High School vs Seoul Convention High School (11:30)
Gyeongbuk Pohang Steel High School vs Gyeonggi Yulgok High School (14:00, Sewol)