Bolton Valley Access Is Evolving!

I hope you’re all enjoying the Bolton Valley Access video series we started up this season. When I started to create it I thought about what skiers & riders would really want to know about the mountain. What would I want to know? What would I want to take away from a video report? The end result is lots of footage of actual conditions, what trails are open and a little creativity & humor. Skiing is fun, after all. I hope I’ve achieved that so far안전놀이터.

Now that it’s up and running smoothly (through a few technical difficulties early on), we’re going to add a new dimension to the series. We’re going to connect with you even more and add something we’ve never done before. I’m excited to announce that I’ll be working with Ski & Snowboard School instructors and staff to make weekly tip & how-to videos. The goal of this is to make learning easier and expose people to some of the basic skills required of our sport before you even set foot on the mountain.

There are so many skills and tricks to learn, and I know it can be daunting at times if you’re new. We want to help make learning a little easier for you and a little more convenient. Many of us have experienced times when we wanted to learn a new skill (carving, freestyle, basic turns) but couldn’t make time to take a real lesson. That’s where these videos will come in handy. Just fire one up on your smartphone or computer for a basic one-minute lesson.

While the best way to learn is still to take one of our lessons in person, these videos will aim to provide you with a brief overview of the basic skills you need from the convenience of your home.

Whether it’s how to be prepared for your first day, learning how to turn, stopping effectively or stomping your first 180, these tip videos will break down the learning process with the same vocabulary and teaching techniques that our professional instructors use. It will be like taking a mini-lesson right from your bedroom or couch. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy them and add a few new skills to your bag of tricks.