Blue Dragon Lee Chung-yong, Vice President of the Professional Athletes Association… “We need to fix the minimum annual salary of 24 million won”

san Hyundai midfielder Lee Chung-yong is expected to act as a bridge between the K-League players and the club.

According to News 1 on the 10th, the Korea Professional Football Players Association메이저놀이터 (KFPA) appointed director Lee Cheong-yong as vice chairman through the first board meeting in 2023.

Lee Cheong-yong, the new vice chairman, will work hard to improve the treatment of players. He said, “I have a heavy burden on my shoulders because I have been given an important mission,” and “I will work hard.” He continued, “The first thing I thought about was improving the treatment of younger players in the K League.”

The minimum annual salary for a K-League rookie is 24 million won. His explanation is that it is difficult to make a living on the minimum wage. Vice-Chairman Lee said, “The minimum annual salary of 24 million won for a rookie player does not match the current price level,” and “we need to seriously consider this.” “In order to live as an athlete, basic food and living expenses are necessary, but 24 million won is really poor,” he explained.

Suwon Samsung midfielder Yeom Ki-hun, vice president, expects an advanced soccer system. Vice-Chairman Yeom added, “I hope Vice-Chairman Lee will do a lot at KFPA.”