‘At this rate, 10 home runs is a risk’ Captain’s slump, is a three-game hitting streak a green light?

SSG Landers captain Han Yoo-seom is in the midst of his worst hitting slump of the season. Could a three-game hitting streak be a sign of life?토스카지노

Han tried to modify his batting form before the season to prevent injuries, but he found it difficult to adapt to the new form, and as his slump prolonged, he reverted to his original form, saying “now is not the time to be stubborn”. While the player himself wanted to give the new form time to work to prevent further injury, the impact he had on the team’s batting line-up made it a difficult decision.

But once the threads were tangled, they were not easy to untangle. The knot was not easily untied. Han Yoo-seom continued to struggle with his batting average in the teens after the opening day, and the psychological pressure was getting to him. On 10 June, he was sent down to the second team because he couldn’t keep up with the first team anymore. It was time to readjust.

Two weeks later, he was back in the first team. The good news is that he is hitting a little better than before he was sent down to the second team. Since returning to the first team, he has batted 2 for 6 in seven games (5 for 19). In particular, in the three-game series against the Kiwoom Heroes last weekend, he hit two doubles and had a hit in three consecutive games. In the game on the 2nd, he was applauded for a play in which he deftly avoided the opposing catcher’s tag with a complete out and made a body slam to score. He wanted to help the team in any way he could.

It’s been a tougher season than the beginning of his professional career. Han hit 41 home runs in 2018, and he’s topped 20 home runs in each of the last two seasons. Even when his bat hasn’t been clicking, he’s consistently posted a mid-20s batting average and double-digit home runs, but this season he’s still batting in the low teens and has just two of his trademark home runs. At this rate, it would be shocking to see him fail to reach double-digit home runs in regulation for the first time since his debut this season.

For SSG to win the title, they will definitely need Han’s power. SSG has a solid top of the order that starts with Choo Shin-soo and Choi Ji-hoon, with the centre of the order anchored by Choi Jung and Guillermo Eredivisie. In the lower order, which has been up and down recently, Hanyusum is the key. The lower order of Choi Joo-hwan and Park Sung-hwan will be even stronger if Hanyusum survives. The longer Hanyusum slumps, the less power he has in the batting order after Choi and Eredia. The difference between having and not having a big hitter is quite significant.

Three games in a row of hitting streaks and physical defence and base running. It will be interesting to see if Han’s efforts to break out of his slump will pay off as the second half of the season approaches.