AT Madrid coach Simeone: “There were rumors of a move to PSG, but…” [Interview].

“Lee Kang-in, there were rumors, but…”바카라사이트

Atletico Madrid (Spain) will host Team K-League in a friendly match of the Coupang Play Series at Seoul World Cup Stadium on Sunday. Head coach Diego Simeone and defender Koke attended the official press conference on the 26th, one day before the match.

Atletico Madrid arrived on the 25th and were warmly welcomed by the Korean fans. “From the moment we arrived at the airport, we received a lot of support,” Simeone said. It’s the same in the hotel. We will work hard to show it on the pitch.

Source | PSG website

Atletico Madrid were strongly linked with Lee in the summer transfer window. Lee continued to play in Spain’s La Liga before moving to Paris Saint-Germain. His stock continued to rise last season after a stellar campaign in Mallorca.

However, despite being linked to Atletico, he chose to stay with Paris Saint-Germain. He suffered a hamstring injury in the first game of preseason, but he’s been with the club ever since. He hasn’t been able to play, but he’s been spending time with his teammates.

Simeone himself addressed the rumors of a deal for Lee. “There were rumors, but Lee Kang-in went to Paris Saint-Germain,” he said. “Korean soccer is growing and getting a lot of attention. We will take a good look at Korean players through matches with Team K League,” he emphasized.