“Are you a player?” Fans were shocked by RYU’s shocking sudden action

Toronto Blue Jays Alec Manoa (25), who was called ‘Hyeon-Jin Ryu’, was criticized by fans for his absurd behavior.

Manoa started on the 6th (Korean time) in the 2023 major league match against the Houston Astros held at the Rogers Center in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and showed his worst appearance with 6 runs (6 earned) and 7 hits (1 home run) in ⅓ innings. Showed up and was sacked early.메이저놀이터

Manoa was an up-and-comer who was voted an All-Star two years after his debut and ranked third in Cy Young voting. But the problem was the third year. He is showing endless sluggishness.

On this day, his more absurd behavior made him frown.

It was after he was hit by lead batter Mauricio Dubon in the top of the first inning. 2 Jeremy Peña bunt by surprise. The ball rolled to third base, and third basemen Matt Chapman and Manoa waited for the ball to hit. It was because I was afraid that I might go out of line. However, Manoa, who was watching the batted ball, suddenly fell down and blew into the ball with his mouth. He did it in the hopes of becoming a foul. In the end, when it became a bunt hit, Manoa smiled awkwardly. However, the bench was full of disappointed eyes.

Fans were also shocked. When this scene was posted on Canada’s ‘Sportsnet’ Twitter, fans were outraged. Fans commented: “It’s embarrassing”, “You really tried to push it out of the foul line”, “Disappointed”, “Fat guy, no sportsmanship”, “If you were a player you should have tried to get out with that ball.

After that, Manoa continued to shake. He was hit just in time by Jordan Alvarez, and Manoa, who later contributed one out with a walk and one bases loaded, allowed a home run to Corey Jerk. Even after all runners disappeared with a home run, the situation could not be rectified. Yainer Dias and Jake Meyers hit back to back.

Director John Schneider’s patience is running out. He didn’t wait any longer and let the next pitcher out. Manoa caught only one out count and was grounded. After that, Jay Jackson, who came up, overcame the 1st and 2nd base crisis without conceding a run, and Manoa’s run stopped at 6 points.

Manoa had his worst pitch since his debut in front of home fans. Toronto was on a four-game winning streak, but it was cut off at Manoa. 13 games, 1 win, 7 losses, 58 innings, 45 runs (41 ERA), an average ERA of 6.36. He has not been responsible for 5 innings in the last 3 games in a row. And as he showed his frowning behavior, he only suffered even greater disappointment.