Another injury, 60 days IL… Received 187.5 billion won and only 22G for 4 years, Boston’s winning credit was a disaster

‘Doctor K’ Chris Sale (34), who is the all-time leader in strikeouts per 9 innings (11.06) in the major leagues, fell due to the disaster of the Boston Red Sox. He wanted to revive this season, but he had a long-term hiatus due to another injury.메이저놀이터

Boston moved Sale to the 60-day injured list (IL) on the 10th (hereafter Korean time). After being listed on the IL on the 15th due to left shoulder inflammation on the 3rd, he moved to the 60th in a week and was absent until July. Roster registration is possible from August 2nd.

Sale was throwing well with 1 run in 3⅔innings against the Cincinnati Reds on the 2nd, but was knocked out after 59 pitches. His speed dropped noticeably from the 3rd inning, and eventually went down after the 4th inning. There was something wrong with his body, and an examination revealed shoulder inflammation.

According to ‘’, Boston manager Alex Cora said, “I don’t need surgery, but I won’t be able to pitch for at least a month.” It’s not perfect, but just not needing surgery is a big deal for us. I will check the condition in 4-5 weeks and watch.”

A season out due to surgery was avoided, but at least the first half of July was over. “We’ve been through this process before and we’ve been patient with it,” Cora said. I hope Sale will be able to pitch for our team again this year.”

Seil, a left-handed fireballer with a height of 198 cm and a fastball that reaches 100 miles, debuted with the Chicago White Sox in 2010 and has been with Boston since 2017. He pitched 1737 innings in 334 games (254 starts) in 13 major league seasons, recording a record of 119 wins, 77 losses, an average ERA of 3.08 and 2135 strikeouts. He was selected as an All-Star seven times, and also led the team in strikeouts twice. He competed as a leading candidate every year, reaching the second and third place in the Cy Young Award once. In 2018, he also capped off a Game 5 winning moment as he took Boston to the top of the World Series.

In March of the following year, he signed a five-year, $145 million (approximately 187.5 billion won) contract extension with Boston. The contract, which begins in 2020, includes an opt-out condition after the 2022 season. Even at the time of his signing, it was reasonably evaluated, but in August 2019, when Sale was out of the season due to an elbow injury, a dark cloud hung over him. Tommy John surgery in March 2020 put him out for the season from the first year of his contract.

After returning in August 2021, he shot 9 games (42⅔ innings) with an average ERA of 3.16 with 5 wins and 1 loss, but he only pitched 2 games and 5⅔ innings due to an injury last year. He started the season in IL with a right rib stress fracture, and returned in mid-July, but had the misfortune of getting a finger hit by a bat and fractured. To make matters worse, he broke his right wrist in a bicycle accident during rehabilitation and had to end the season in vain.

Sale, which remained in Boston without exercising an opt-out, struggled desperately to revive. He went 5-2 with an earned run average of 4.58 in 11 games (59 innings) this season. At the point where he showed a rebound with an average ERA of 2.25 with 4 wins in the last 6 games, another injury put the brakes on him.

It is the 4th season of his 5-year contract extension, and during this period, the sale lasted only 22 games and 107⅓ innings. He is 10-4 with an ERA of 3.94, and his pitching quality is also disappointing. The annual salary of $27.5 million this year is guaranteed to be $27.5 million next year. The 2025 $20 million annual salary vesting option runs if Sale doesn’t finish the season in the IL while finishing in the top 10 in the 2024 Cy Young Young.