An Hong-jin wins the 4th Korea Masters Chess Championship

An Hong-jin (23 years old, IM, rating 2282) won the 4th Korea Masters Chess Championship.

Eight of Korea’s best chess players competed, and Hongjin Ahn, winner of the 3rd tournament, and Junhyeok Lee (23 years old, IM rating 2388) of the 2nd tournament fought fiercely for the lead until the last game. Ahn Hong-jin won the second championship after three tournaments, earning the honor of winning the most at the Korea Masters. Along with Lee Jun-hyeok, Ahn Hong-jin is one of the strong candidates to become Korea’s메이저사이트 first GM (Grand Master).

Also, Jiwoo Lee (11 years old), the youngest participant in the tournament, not only drew with An Hongjin in the first game, but also drew with Lee Junhyeok, the No. 1 player in Korea, in the last game, brightening the future of Korean chess. Kwon Se-hyeon (24 years old), the winner of the first competition, took third place and recorded a disappointing ranking.

The Korea Masters Chess Competition is a standard chess competition hosted by Power Chess Edu, and is currently in its 4th year. For the 5th tournament to be held in the second half of this year, we plan to invite foreign grandmasters and increase the size of the tournament and prize money to develop it into an international tournament representing Korea.