American rapper’s sophistry “Why are there no black players in the Argentine national team?”

Why are there no black players in Argentina?”

American rapper Joe Burden has been at the center of controversy for his strange sophistry. Argentina won the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Lionel Messi finally fills the final puzzle and becomes the greatest player of all time. Burden, who saw the site of that history, had a different idea. He appeared on his podcast and criticized Argentina. “It was really spectacular to win Argentina, but it was stressful to watch,” said Burden. He continued, “There were no black players on the Argentine national team. Looking at other pictures, there were no black players. It was strange. Argentina has a high percentage of black people, but they don’t represent Argentina anywhere.” 토토사이트

He then went on to lash out against Argentina’s history of racism. “Blacks in Argentina were systematically erased as part of whitewashing,” said Burden. This video has garnered a lot of views, but the response is not very good. People say, “Argentina is a country, not a Netflix movie…”, “That’s a tough statement”, “Is this guy kidding?”