Ahn Se-young, who won two consecutive international competitions in the new year, “The Asian Games gold medal is my goal”

 Ahn Se-young, who swept international competitions one after another from the new year and announced that she is the ‘signboard of Korean badminton’, returned in gold.

Ahn Se-young, who says that a day’s rest will be enough for her, wants the most this year to win a gold medal in the Asian Games.

This is reporter Jo Han-dae.


Ahn Se-young, the representative of Korean women’s badminton, returned home in gold with two gold medals and one silver medal around her 스포츠토토 neck.

She took her runner-up finish at the Malaysian Open, her first international event in the new year, and back-to-back top finishes at the India Open and Indonesia Masters.

Ahn Se-young, who lost to archrival Yamaguchi in the final of the Malaysia Open, said the secret to her successive victories was to forget her past and focus only on what was coming. <Ahn Se-young / National Badminton

Representative> “My goal this year was that I lag behind a lot after losing.

Although it produced results, Ahn Se-young set aside only one day to relax.

<Ahn Se-young / National Badminton Representative> “I don’t think I’ll be able to rest much. First of all, I want to spend a little bit of my normal life. I just want to sleep, eat, and watch TV. I want to spend at least a day resting like this.”

Ahn Se-young, who raised her world ranking from 4th to 2nd by beating rivals in Japan and China in turn, wants most of this year to win a gold medal at the Asian Games to be held in September.

<Ahn Se-young / National Badminton Representative> “If I play the game with a light heart like this, just like the Open Championship, if I do my best every day and do my best as much as I can, wouldn’t it be possible to leave a good impression on the people…”

Ahn Se-young will also go on a hunt for gold at the German Open and the British Open, which will be held in March.