Acting coach Kim Dae-gyeong, who endures silently in the ‘difficulty’ “If I go out, there will be someone left…”

 “We have to stay for the players.”

On the 11th, Heungkuk Life Insurance and Hyundai E&C face off in the 4th round women’s match of the ‘2022-23 Season Dodram V-League’ held at Incheon Samsan Gymnasium.

Heungkuk Life Insurance currently has 47 accumulated points (16 wins and 4 losses). Depending on the number of points scored on this day, it seems that the decisive battle for the lead will be divided. From the standpoint of the players who are aiming for first place, and furthermore, the championship, this fourth round confrontation is a watershed. Either way you have to get 3 points. 

However, the situation inside the club is not easy. Nothing has been resolved from the last 2 days, when the director was embroiled in a scandal, to the present. To make matters worse, new coach Kim Ki-joong also resigned voluntarily, and the position of the command tower was led by coach Kim Dae-kyung, the ‘acting agent of the acting manager’ for a while. 

On the 8th, along with such a difficult situation, Kim Yeon-kyung was absent due to enteritis. However, the players united and won against IBK Industrial Bank with a set score of 3-1. On this day, if there is no major change in the training itself, it is expected that the fans will grit their teeth and show the best performance.  먹튀검증

Heungkuk Life Insurance acting manager Kim Dae-kyung said, “I am aware that (Hyundai E&C) is an important game, so I have set up my own strategy. I think it is a game that must be won.”

It is Acting Kim who has to lead the team while looking at the vacant position in the command tower for a while. However, because of his inexperience, he is expected to walk a difficult path with the team for the time being. From the last 8 days, he started shaking hands with the manager of the opposing team.

Acting Kim confessed, “It was difficult because I had no experience of seeing a bench.” However, he said, “If I leave, there will be no coaching staff to play volleyball.” 

On the 10th, Seonsun Girls’ High School coach Kim Ki-joong, who was originally scheduled to be appointed by the club, finally announced his opinion.

Acting Kim said, “In fact, coach Kim Ki-joong knew (of the fact) that the club informed me about the announcement day of the article.” . 

There are no additional coaching staff for the time being. Acting Kim said, “The company said it would look into it, but it’s difficult for more outsiders to come in now.”

On this day, Kim Yeon-kyung, who has recovered, is put in as a starter. The rotation with Yelena and Kim Yeon-kyung at the forefront is also maintained. Acting Kim said, “Hyundai E&C has a good height, and once middle blocker Yang Hyo-jin’s blocking works, it becomes difficult.”

The match between the two teams will be played at 7 p.m.