‘Ace you can trust’

Leading the uptrend of Lotte this season, he is the most notable pitcher in the KBO League.

Reporter Lee Myung-no met Na Kyun-ahn, who is playing the role of an ace with the team’s first place in wins and first place in ERA.

This is the view from the stands at Sajik Stadium yesterday.메이저놀이터

Even on a weekday, it was filled with 15,000 spectators, the largest number among the five stadiums.

This is because Na Kyun-an, whom Lotte fans trust and see, started as a starter.

Amid the enthusiastic support of the fans, Na Kyun-an ended the team’s losing streak with 6 scoreless innings.

He went 5-1 with a 2.45 earned run average in 55 innings pitched.

He faltered for a while after winning the MVP in April, but he reaffirmed that he is the best ace in the team as he revived with good pitching in two consecutive games recently.

However, he lowers his stance as a pitcher who is still challenging for a full-time selection.

[Na Kyun-an/Lotte]
“I don’t think a position like that of an ace suits me… My first goal is to play full-time.

It took only 3 years to transform from catcher Na Jong-deok to ace Na Kyun-an.

The secret was surprisingly simple.

It was an effort he kept trying until the end was in sight.

He once said that he threw every pitch and never tried anything.

[Na Kyun-an/Lotte]
“(If I had pitched from the beginning)… I don’t know. (After becoming a pitcher for the first time) Back then, honestly, I think my mind was blank. I think I came to the baseball field every day and threw the most balls.”

Na Gyun-an said that 2020, when he had to change his name and position, was a year he wanted to forget.

But now, the catcher experience has become a distinct strength of his own.

[Na Gyun-an/Lotte]
“I think I have an aggressive tendency… (When I was catching) I told the pitchers, ‘Throwing from the body is the best weapon’ (and) I think that has a big impact when catching.”

From promising catcher Na Jong-deok, who went on to become a youth representative, Na Kyun-an, who is now attracting attention as a starting pitcher for the Asian Games.

It is my dream to be remembered as an indispensable player anytime, anywhere.

“I want to be a player who comes to mind when I think of ‘Lotte Giants’, a player who says ‘I wish there was a player named Kyun-an Na’, ‘There was a player named Kyun-an Na’.”