“A very suspicious PK, even a yellow card as a bonus,” French media also judged as a “absurd PK” that they could not understand

‘France needed a very suspicious penalty kick to score.’

Even the French press didn’t understand. It was such an absurd decision.토토사이트

The U-20 national team, led by head coach Kim Eun-joong, won 2-1 with consecutive goals by Lee Seung-won (Gangwon FC) and Lee Young-joon (Kimcheon Sangmu) in the first Group Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) U-20 World Cup. This is the first time that South Korea has defeated France at the U-20 World Cup. Lost 2-4 in 1997 and 1-3 in 2011.

Kim Eun-joong won a ticket to the World Cup finals by reaching the semifinals at the last U-20 Asian Cup. In the U-20 World Cup, 24 teams will be divided into six groups of four teams, and the tournament will continue by selecting the round of 16 with 12 teams in the first and second place in each group and 4 teams in the third place in the group. Kim Eun-joong, who defeated France, who was considered the strongest in Group F in the first match, occupied an advantageous position to advance to the round of 16, the first goal. Kim Eun-joong was in a group with France, Honduras and Gambia in the tournament.

Kim Eun-joong put all his energy into the first game. Head coach Kim quickly set up a base camp in Brazil after the host country was changed from Indonesia to Argentina. He left the country on the 7th and adjusted to climate and time difference in Brazil for 10 days. He also raised his condition. Most of the Kim Eun-joong players were unable to play, so their physical strength in the game was drastically reduced. In particular, he prepared a customized tactic against France. Head coach Kim expressed his intention to focus on the first game. He also played two practice matches there. They all won.

Kim Eun-joong faced off with a counterattack strategy after the defense. It worked beautifully. Professional defensive midfielder Lee Chan-wook (Gyeongnam FC) was put in to increase the number in the center. Shareholder-Birginius allowed a side breakthrough, but he always maintained a numerical advantage in the middle and did not give his opponent a decisive opportunity. When the opportunity came, he countered with a quick counterattack. The first goal also came from a counterattack. Kim Eun-jung, who blocked the opponent’s corner kick in the 22nd minute of the first half, Kang Sung-jin handed the ball to Kim Yong-hak. Kim Yong-hak gave up the ball to Lee Seung-won, who was penetrating after breaking through from the left side. Lee Seung-won scored his first goal of the tournament with a calm right-footed finish. South Korea has consistently suffered from poor defense with quick pressure. Even though he curled up, he attempted bold forward pressure if necessary, creating an opportunity. It wasn’t just a counterattack. The set piece preparation was also good. In the 19th minute of the second half, Lee Young-joon scored the winning goal with a sensational header from Lee Seung-won’s free kick. It was a score made with a prepared pattern.

An easy victory was expected after Lee Young-joon’s score, but a ridiculous decision came out. In the 21st minute of the second half, a cross came up from the left. Kim Joon-hong flew to prevent it, and in the process, he collided with his opponent’s striker Epekelle. Kim Jun-hong was a normal play. Rather, it even gave the feeling that Epekele was rushing in excessively. Kim Jun-hong couldn’t get up for a long time, being beaten to the elbow by his opponent. The referee issued a warning to Kim Jun-hong, who woke up, and declared a penalty. I didn’t watch VAR either. On the Korean bench, the reaction continued that it was absurd.

Virnigius succeeded in this, allowing the chase. As the momentum changed, a tie or reversal could have been allowed. However, Korea remained focused until the end. Above all, Kim Joon-hong, who must have been most embarrassed, maintained his concentration until the end and blocked the opponent’s attack well. In the end, South Korea won the victory.

Colombian referee John Alexander Ospina ruled below par throughout the game. It was tilted to one side enough to give a feeling of partiality. When we attacked, we didn’t whistle at all despite the opponent’s rough foul. A case in point was the 26th minute of the first half when he scored the first goal and gained momentum. Lee Seung-won penetrated into the penalty box by exchanging 2-1 passes with Lee Young-joon. The opponent’s defense blocked it with his arm, and Lee Seung-won collapsed. The referee didn’t blow the whistle. However, he gave a penalty kick to the opponent’s ridiculous scene.

Even the French media described it as ‘generous’. France, the news on the 23rd, reported France’s defeat, saying, “France needed a very suspicious penalty kick to penetrate South Korea’s Kim Jun-hong,” adding, “Epekelle hit Kim Jun-hong, but it was Kim Jun-hong who was actually sanctioned.” I even got a yellow card as a bonus,’ he said. It was a hopeless decision to win, otherwise it was a decision to leave something to talk about.