500 million ‘jackpot’ hit, but… 26-year-old OH, who was hesitant due to the pressure, “I increased my exercise with the coach’s advice”

“According to the coach’s words, I increased the amount of exercise.”

KB Insurance outside hitter Han 메이저사이트Seong-jeong (26) earned his first free agent (FA) status after the end of last season. Han Seong-jeong, who came over from Woori Card in the middle of the 2021-22 season, appeared in 28 games last season and scored 200 points, an attack success rate of 49.55%, and a receiving efficiency of 27%.

It is a disappointing record cover if you look at the revealed records, but KB Insurance highly evaluated the value of Han Seong-jeong, which was not displayed on the record sheet. KB Insurance gave Han Seong-jeong a huge amount of 500 million won (450 million annual salary, 5,000 options). Since he became a receive and was an outside heater who received military exemption, his future was highly evaluated.

This season, Han Seong-jeong has appeared in 24 games and scored 162 points, an attack success rate of 46.78%, and a receiving efficiency of 32%. Recently, the performance has been improving, but in the beginning and middle of the season, the ups and downs were so severe that Hu In-jeong, coach of KB Insurance, was also worried.

Han Seong-jeong, whom I recently met, said, “The coach said that when I was sluggish, the stress of not being able to play would be more difficult than the hardship from exercising. He said that it would be difficult, but let’s try harder and increase the amount of exercise. It seems to be working,” he said.

He continued, “I came over from another team in the middle of last season, and since I signed a free agent contract, I had a lot of expectations around me. I think it came as a burden rather than overflowing with enthusiasm to live up to those expectations.”

As the round progresses, the performance improves. He may be a bit disappointed in receiving, but he plays more than one role in attack. He had an attack success rate of 52.54% in the 4th round, and an average of 61% attack success rate in the two matches in the 5th round.

Han Seong-jeong said, “The team expected offensive power in receiving and brought it. These days, he is drinking coffee and talking a lot with (Hwang) Taek-eui, and he is thinking about how to make a good attack. He seems to score a lot of goals because he puts up good balls and his condition has improved a lot,” he explained.

The performance of Hwang Kyung-min, a best friend who acts as an outside heater mate, is a great motivation for Han Seong-jeong. Hwang Gyeong-min, who came over from Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance at the beginning of the season, recorded 283 points in 25 games, an attack success rate of 49.80%, and a receiving efficiency of 33.2%, establishing himself as the team’s main player.

Han Seong-jeong said, “Since we are similar types, we help each other. I’m close with Kyungmin, but actually my stomach hurts if I do well. I don’t want to lose to Kyung-min,” he laughed, “Kyung-min and Taek-ui rely on each other a lot. We try to help each other a lot,” she smiled.