‘5 Goals + Reversal Electrode’ Director Kim Do-gyun “I told him to run for the sake of the fans.”

Suwon FC coach Kim Do-kyun revealed the secret of the band electrode. 

Suwon won the Hana One Q K League 1 2023 round 6 home game 5-3 at Suwon Sports Complex at 3:00 pm on the 9th. Suwon broke the bad trend of 2 consecutive losses and reported the 2nd win of the season. Daejeon, which had 3 wins and 2 draws earlier, tasted its first K-League 1 defeat.

After the game, manager Kim Do-gyun said,온라인카지노 “I am satisfied as a manager because I played a good game in front of the home fans and gave them joy. Even though we lost 2 runs in the first half, I would like to commend the players for not giving up until the end. Unlike the previous game, the motivation of the players was good. He had a great desire to win the match. I was able to score 5 points later today. He said thank you to the players.”

Suwon only scored 3 goals in the previous 5 games. ‘Empty’ was a concern. Manager Kim Do-kyun said, “It was the first game this season where the attackers came back to life. He led the game in the first half and even scored in the second half. We should have the same performance as the second half today. In particular, I kept telling the players to play to die for the fans at home. So it seems that this result came out,” he said with satisfaction. 

He continued, “The strikers’ meticulous play is an advantage. Lee Seung-woo, Murillo, and Yun Bit-garam’s ability to dig into the central area is the secret to scoring. Lars scored a goal at the right time and was able to turn it around,” he pointedly praised. 

Defender Lee Yong also scored his first goal this season. Director Kim Do-gyun said, “I think it might be the strength of a veteran. There was a goal today, so it became an opportunity to follow. He thinks he played well even without scoring. He has the career and skills to become a great force for the team and lead several players. I didn’t even see him physically fall. I think we can continue to expect more aggressive parts from Lee Yong in the future,” he raised his thumb. 

Regarding Rodong-gun’s mistake during the second run, he said, “I was sorry. I think there was a mistake in judgment. I think I was shaken in the second half because of this point,” he said. “Everyone makes mistakes in the game. Based on my mistakes, I think I will have to play a good game in the future.”

The next opponent is Jeonbuk Hyundai. Director Kim Do-gyun said, “It seems that I have taken a breath now. It was time to find a breakthrough, and 3 points today is very big. In the home game, I will do my best to prepare well to bring performance and victory at the same time.”