2nd team batting average 0.387 prospect… Director Kim Kyung-moon “I still remember”

There is a player Kim Kyung-moon, former NC Dinos coach, pays attention to. It is Oh Young-soo (23).

On the 18th (Korean time), former coach Kim Kyung-moon drew attention by visiting Baseball Fields, Reed Park, Tucson, Arizona, USA, where the NC team is training. Coach Kim led the team from 2012 to June 2018 as the first NC command tower. Since 2013, when NC entered the first team, he has grown a fledgling team with his leadership at the fore. In the first year, the win rate was 0.419 (52 wins, 4 draws, 72 losses), and it stayed in 7th place, but put the team in the postseason for 4 consecutive years. In June 2018, he was a symbol of the club until he retired midway due to poor performance.

Oh Young-soo, who graduated from Masan High School, was nominated by the NC in the 2018 rookie 2nd round 19th. In 2018, his first season, he had a batting average of 0.374 (85 hits in 227 at bats) in the second team. Before manager Kim Kyung-moon left the team, Oh Young-soo made his debut in his first team. He has not yet stood out in the first team, but he solved his military service early on in the Sangmu baseball team. Last year, his second-team batting average was a whopping 0.387 (29 hits in 75 at-bats).

In fact, Oh Young-soo conducted short but strong training in the United States. He said, “My agent gave me a good opportunity, so I did individual training in the US for about two weeks (January 3-18) before joining the camp. I had a batting mechanism analysis at a baseball training center in LA, and there was a weakness in the swing mechanism. “Before entering the camp, I told Song Ji-man and Jeon Min-soo hitting coach about the analysis and 메이저사이트future direction, and the two of them are helping me a lot so that I can maintain the modified mechanism well,” he said.

Hitting coach Song Ji-man said, “Oh Young-soo had a high miss rate (11.6%) last season. Rather, I had a conversation so that I could bring about a change in trust in my routine and perception of pitching,” he said. “I plan to provide feedback so that I can minimize stress and maintain stability.”

Director Kim Kyung-moon has the same expectations for Oh Young-soo. Manager Kim said, “From my point of view (this season), I wonder if Young-soo will play well,” and gave thanks.

Director Kim Kyung-moon, who met his former students after a long time, brought up an interesting story in an interview with reporters. Coach Kim suddenly recalled, “(Oh) Young-soo came in when I was coaching, and the batting was so good that I still remember it.” Lee Jung-hoo did personal training this winter in Los Angeles (LA), USA. Oh Young-soo went through individual training in the U.S. prior to the spring camp, and coach Kim Gyeong-moon is well aware of this fact.