1st place nomination → Problem child? Kim Seo-hyun returns to training with an official apology

, reporter Kim Tae-woo, video reporter Kim Seong-chul] From the fancy modifier of the 2023 rookie draft No. 1 nominee to a problem child who had an accident on social media. The evaluation of Kim Seo-hyun, a promising fastball player in Hanwha, crashed just 10 days after the start of the camp. Standing in front of the reporters, Kim Seo-hyun’s expression is dark and full of regret.

[Interview with Kim Seo-hyun]

“You must have really high expectations from the fans, but I want to say that I am so sorry for not living up to your expectations and only disappointing you. “

Kim Seo-hyun posted a post criticizing the coach and fans on her private social media account, which was released and received a lot of criticism from the fans메이저사이트. Hanwha, who confirmed the authenticity, was also banned from participating in training for three days, fined 5 million won, and ordered self-restraint. Kim Seo-hyun says that during his four-day period of self-reflection, he received a lot of advice and reflected on that much.

[Interview with Seohyeon Kim]

“I’ve been thinking about what my seniors said, and I’ve been thinking about it and reflecting more. I’ll be more careful so that this doesn’t happen again.

” Kim Seo-hyun, who apologized, returned to training on the 11th. His hat is full of writings with lessons he learned from this incident. Seohyun Kim admitted that he was wrong and promised to come back as a more mature person.

[Interview with Seohyun Kim]

“Before I was a baseball player , I was basic, and I will come back as a more mature person than I am now. I’m really sorry and I’ll say it again. I’m sorry.” Kim Seo-hyun’s image has suffered greatly due to this SNS incident. The team forgave Kim Seo-hyun, but the fans still haven’t forgiven Kim Seo-hyun. It remains to be seen whether he will be able to repay his debts as a more mature person and player as he promised.