1st and 2nd base appeared safely → Byeongsalta & grounder → 2 innings perfect… KT 20-year-old 1st nomination, there is a reason why Legend Submarine highly praised

There was a reason KT Wiz coach Lee Kang-chul praised it highly.

KT Wiz Park Young-hyun has firmly established himself as KT’s winning team this season. Park Young-hyun, who had a beautiful debut season last season with 1 loss, 2 holds, and an average ERA of 3.66 in 52 games, became even scarier.안전놀이터

He played 20 games before the match against Suwon Kiwoom Heroes on the 25th, recording 2 losses and 6 holds with an ERA of 3.43. After giving up 2 runs in 1.1 innings against SSG Landers on the 3rd, they are making a good fight for 5 consecutive games. He has conceded only five of his 20 games this season.

Park Young-Hyun threw the ball coolly and energized the KT mound. Photo = Reporter Kim Young-gu
On the 24th, against Kiwoom in Suwon, he blocked one inning neatly, adding strength to the team breaking a 5-game losing streak against Kiwoom. Coach Lee Kang-cheol, whom we met before the game on the 25th, also said, “It was a cool game with a high ball thrown quickly. I hope he throws like that in the future,” he said.

Park Young-hyeon also appeared on the 25th. He came out in a moment of crisis. He came out with no runners on first and second base in the top of the seventh inning when the team was ahead 2–0. Starting pitcher Eom Sang-baek was shaken by a hit by Russell and Lee Won-seok.

Park Young-hyun perfectly reciprocated the trust of the leader. Tricky hitter Lee Hyeong-jong was treated as a double hit by shortstop with a 144km fastball, and Kim Hui-jip also treated it with a ground ball from third base, making a scoreless inning. The team’s lead continued. When Park Young-hyun came to the dugout, KT home fans also chanted Park Young-hyun’s name.

He also came up in the 8th inning. Both Song Seong-moon and Kim Dong-heon, who are in the difficult lower batting order, turned to ground balls. ‘Genius hitter’ Lee Jung-hoo also treated it as a ground ball. 2 innings perfect. It was neat. He continued his scoreless streak in six consecutive games, and his ERA was also lowered to 3.13. Eom Sang-baek made a good save, Park Young-hyeon held out in the middle, and Kim Jae-yoon finished KT, winning two consecutive wins and succeeding in two consecutive winning series.

Ju Kwon and Kim Min-soo, who were active as KT Pilseung-jo until last season, were listed in the first team entry, but they are not yet in 100% condition.

So, coach Kang-Cheol Lee is appointing Dong-Hyun Son and Young-Hyun Park, who are fighting well this season, as the winning team in addition to the existing finisher Kim Jae-Yoon. Park Young-hyeon is proving the reason coach Lee Kang-cheol believes in and praises him this season.