166.7 billion ace who succeeded in resurrecting ‘KKKKKKKK’, was it a temporary sluggishness rather than aging?

New York Mets Max Scherzer (39) succeeded in rebounding.

Scherzer started the game against the Houston Astros at Minute Maid Park in Houston, Texas on the 20th (Korean time) and recorded a victory with 4 hits (1 home run), 1 walk, 8 strikeouts and 1 run in 8 innings.

Scherzer, who recorded 207 wins, 104 losses and an average ERA of 3.13 in 442 major league games (2746⅔ innings), is a special ace who has won the Cy Young Award in both major leagues. Scherzer, who signed a three-year, $130 million (approximately 166.7 billion won) contract with the Mets last season, achieved good results with an ERA of 2.29 with an average of 11 wins and 5 losses in 23 games (145⅓ innings) in the first year of the transfer.토토사이트

However, Scherzer has been struggling with injuries and sluggishness this season. He is 6-2 with a 4.04 earned run average in 12 games (64⅔ innings), the highest earned run average since 2011. Scherzer, who was suspended for 10 games for failing to pass a foreign substance test during the game, showed a somewhat resurrected figure on the mound that day by throwing an intense ball that reached a maximum speed of 95.3 miles (153.4 km).

[Photo] Max Scherzer of the New York Mets. ⓒGettyimages (unauthorized reproduction and redistribution prohibited)

MLB.com, the official major league media outlet, said, “When a pitcher in his late 30s starts to struggle, it can be difficult to figure out why. Is it a slump that all players go through in their careers? Is it the effect of aging? Is it just a passing slump or is it the beginning of a downtrend? Scherzer gave the strongest answer he could to these questions,” he said, highlighting Scherzer’s rebound.

“Our job is to go out and throw for a long time,” Scherzer said. To be honest, I haven’t been able to do that in my last few appearances.”

MLB.com said, “The most powerful weapon in Scherzer’s heyday is the slider. He often described his balls as being like buttered bread. In the last game against the Yankees, Scherzer threw 17 sliders and only missed one. Six days later, he threw 31 sliders and had 7 misses,” he said, emphasizing that Scherzer’s slider was alive.

Catcher Francisco Alvarez said, “Shurzer was better at the slider. It has really improved a lot,” he praised. MLB.com said, “Shurzer solved the slider problem relatively simply. He tweaked the arm angle of his changeup earlier this month. After the adjustment worked, I also adjusted the angle of the slider’s arm this time. Thanks to that, the mechanics of both pitches went back to the past when they were good,” he explained the secret to Scherzer’s rebound.