159km Snake Jikgu→巨人 Rookie SV record, WBC closer “Exercise from 5 in the morning”

“I’ve been working out since 5 in the morning.”

Daisei Ota (24), a newcomer in 2022 who debuted as a closer with the Yomiuri Giants, the most prestigious Japanese professional baseball team, explained the ambitious preparation process for the World Baseball Classic (WBC). 

Daisei was not included in the list of 12 Japanese WBC national teams announced on the 6th. However, influential Japanese media see Daisei’s entry into the WBC national team as an established fact.

As a rookie this year, Daisei served as a surprise closer from the opening game, and left 57 games, 1 win, 3 losses, 37 saves, 8 holds, and an average ERA of 2.05. By throwing a light-speed snake fastball with a maximum speed of 159 km, he broke the record for the most saves by a newcomer to the Yomiuri club and tied the record for the most saves by a newcomer to Japanese professional baseball. The rookie of the year in the Central League belonged to Taisei.  안전놀이터

He also established himself as the first player of the Yomiuri club, which boasts a long history and tradition. In Japanese professional baseball, the surname is mainly used as the registered name among the first and last names. And the Yomiuri team had a history of implicitly keeping the last name as the registered name. However, I used the name Taisei, which was not a typo, as my registered name. He is the first player in Yomiuri to have his name as his registered name.

Taisei, who is currently working on bodybuilding in his hometown of Hyogo Prefecture, said in an interview with Japanese media, “I am researching a form that does not require a lot of strength or strength that can withstand restraint. He is preparing for a new season with the hope that he will throw well throughout the year in preparation for three consecutive fights,” he explained, “I have been working out since 5 in the morning.”

Regarding being nominated for the WBC closer, he said, “I think there are many great players because major leaguers participate,” and “I have no choice but to do my best to play the role I am playing. Whatever the role, I will definitely do it without missing my job.