15-year veteran “Wembanyama, Gobert + Giannis + AD + Porzingis combination” 

Nicola Batum (34) mentioned Victor Wembanyama (19, France), a junior in the national team.

On the 14th (Korean time), Batum appeared on a podcast hosted by Brandon “Scoopby” Robinson and told what he felt after seeing Wenbanyama.

“At the time, he was 6 feet 10 inches (208 cm),온라인카지노 but he said he was only 14 years old,” said Batum, who has been watching Wembanyama since he was 14 years old. said.

When asked who he thought of when he first saw his play, Batum said, “It’s not normal for him to play that way at his height.” I think I’m good,” he replied.

He added, “Wem Vanyama, who is more versatile in defense than Rudy, shows a little bit of AD (abbreviation of Anthony Davis), and also a little bit of Por Genghis and Giannis.”

“A lot of people are waiting for him,” said Batum, who checks in on Wembanyama’s play every weekend. It will be,” he praised.

Wembanyama, who is 7 feet 4 inches (224 cm) tall and has a 8-foot (243 cn) wingspan, averages 21.3 points (league-leading), 9.9 rebounds (league-leading), and averages over 28 games in the French league. 2.3 assists, 3.1 blocks (first in the league), field goal success rate 54.7% (10.7 attempts), 3-point success rate 31% (5.1 attempts), free throw success rate 83.8% (5.7 attempts).

Wembanyama’s team, Boulogne-Levalois Metropolitans 92, recorded 20-9 (0.690) and is in second place in the French league.

Meanwhile, Batum is a versatile player and is entering his 15th season in the NBA. Although his athletic ability has declined since his prime, he is being classified as an indispensable player for the LA Clippers with his clever BQ as a weapon. He can serve as a wing defender or center in a small lineup, as well as a linker and shooter who connects the ball flow.