‘143 goals, 6th place in Tottenham’s total score with Defoe’ Son Heung-min “I want to score more goals at Tottenham”

“I want to go higher in the Tottenham total goal rankings.”

It was the aspiration of Son Heung-min (31, Tottenham),토스카지노‘Sonsional’. Son Heung-min scored the opening goal in the 14th minute of the first half in the 31st round of the English Premier League (EPL) in the 2022-2023 season against Bournemouth held at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, England on the night of the 15th (hereinafter Korean time). After receiving a long pass from Clement Lenglet, Ivan Perisic made a cutback, and Son Heung-min jumped in and finished with a left-footed shot. His trip to Europe was all the more meaningful as he scored the goal under the watch of coach Jurgen Klinsmann.

Son Heung-min, who scored his 100th EPL goal in the match against Brighton the previous week, the first Asian player and the 34th ever, succeeded in scoring two goals in a row that day. League No. 8 goal. It has been close to double-digit points in the league for seven consecutive seasons. Son Heung-min succeeded in scoring the 101st EPL goal that day, and scored a total of 143 goals in a Tottenham uniform, standing shoulder to shoulder with ‘Legend Striker’ Jermaine Defoe, who scored many goals in the early 2000s. He jumped to 6th on the team’s all-time scoring list. Tottenham unfortunately lost 2-3 due to overlapping defensive anxiety. I kept 5th place, but it was getting more and more difficult to enter the top 4.

Son Heung-min was highly praised for his good play. In WhoScored.com’s ratings, he received a 7.5 rating, the second highest on the team. Heung-Min Son did his part on the day, succeeding in 4 shots, 3 shots on target, 2 key passes, and 1 dribble breakthrough. At Tottenham, Perisic had the highest score at 7.68. Kane stayed at 6.66. Solanke, who scored 1 goal and 2 assists, received a rating of 8.58, the most among both teams. Football London gave Son Heung-min the highest score in the team, saying, ‘Once again, he played with confidence. He managed to score after 14 minutes. He handed Kane a crotch pass that should have scored. I ran hard in the second half, but there was no player who could have as much impact.

Son Heung-min has been showing signs of survival by moving to a more aggressive position recently. Of course, various injuries including orbital fractures and the aftermath of the World Cup in Qatar are cited as the causes, but experts and fans mainly point to Tottenham’s tactics as the key reason for Son Heung-min’s sluggish performance. Tottenham is using Son Heung-min as a midfielder after signing Perisic. If you look at Son Heung-min’s heat map, he is too far from where he could score a goal.

Tottenham had a lot of fun over the past few years with a strategy to take down Harry Kane and infiltrate Son Heung-min. But this season is different. In particular, the so-called ‘Son Heung-min-zone’ score decreased noticeably. Son Heung-min’s trademark is a sophisticated shot that is wrapped with both feet from the left and right outside the penalty box. This shooting, digging into the center from the side and hitting it, is unstoppable even if you know it. However, this season, as I played from the bottom, it was difficult to even sit in the ‘Son Heung-min Zone’, let alone try to shoot. Perisic is playing in a much higher position than Heung-Min Son, but it is difficult to compare with Heung-Min Son in terms of finishing.

Son Heung-min also said, “I was able to try to penetrate Brighton in a position I like. So I think the performance was good.” said. This is an indirect expression of tactical regret. Journalist Dan Kilpatrick of the British Evening Standard also argued that “Tottenham need to move Son Heung-min to a more threatening place in order to rise to fourth place.” Acting manager Christian Stellini adjusted Son Heung-min’s position,

Son Heung-min is changing the history of Tottenham with his continued scoring streak. Now, Son Heung-min is taking aim at Cliff Jones, who led Tottenham’s heyday in the 1960s. He is fifth on Tottenham’s all-time scoring list with 159 goals. At the same pace as now, it is expected that he will easily break the record next season. For reference, Tottenham’s top scorer is ‘soul partner’ Harry Kane, who is recording 273 goals. Son Heung-min did not hide his greed. Son Heung-min said in an interview with the British Independent on the 17th, “I think I can still play for a few more years. I will continue to work hard to score more goals.” I will do my best,” he said. “It is an honor to be compared to Defoe, a Tottenham legend who has scored many goals,” he said. “I am proud to be equal with Defoe.” “It’s been an honor to have played for a team like this for several years,” he said at the end. “I just want to help the team win rather than focus on tying the score.”

Son Heung-min has recently been linked to big clubs such as Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain. Son Heung-min was tactically restricted at Tottenham and showed a disappointing scoring streak compared to last season. Son Heung-min became the first Asian player to win the EPL top scorer last season with 23 goals. However, the story continued that Son Heung-min, who still boasts his skills, could move to another team to win the championship trophy at the end of his career. However, Son Heung-min is in an atmosphere of declaring that he will stay at Tottenham. Son Heung-min has a contract until June 2025.